Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesdays V

This week’s selection: a trio of amateurs do their best Paris Hilton, as one is served a double-portion of what is sure to be her favorite meat.

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Jez says: first things first ... always the snob, i just have to say that i sometimes lament the bluntness of a lot of amateur intros. opening in scene (for me as a woman) can sometimes be trying. i'm not instantly aroused without being given a reason why ... so to go to a guy's head already between a woman's legs while she has a chat with the camera man just feels clumsy. was she asking IF the guy should wear a condom? should that conversation be happening in scene? ha ... at any rate, that is just the hyper sensitive snob in me. in my fantasy version we get to see the guy grab her, smother her in a passionate kiss and rip her pants off ... THEN migrate his face to between her legs. that makes more sense to me. then again, amateur porn means amateur direction ... so i'm being a bit ridiculous.

the scenario is hot. and the woman is obviously VERY into it. my favorite part would probably be her enthusiastic blow job on both men. you can tell by the groans of the guys that they are both on the receiving end of something good--and it's hot when she teasingly taps both their cock heads together. what's even more hot is when one of the men warns her "i'm about to cum!" he's obviously trying to warn her so that she will get out of the way ... but she keeps going and takes the load in her mouth and he is audibly overwhelmed when he explodes on her "Watch out it's gonna blow ... watch out ... JESUS CHRIST!" what a good, dirty girl.

the rest is a mix of various positions, plowing and angles. she sucks one while fucking the other. she hand jobs one while blowing the other. i found my mind wandering as i looked at the setting ... a family living room. are those family portraits on the wall? is grandma smith looking down on this fuck fest? did you get cum on my nice throw pillow? the distraction doesn't mean the rest of the footage isn't titillating in it's own way ... my brain just tends to rabbit trail unless the action is super impressive. the end cuts off echoing the blunt intro ... there is no ending ... no big finish ... which is sort of disappointing. all in all, it's a hot MFM scenario ... but i hope we stumble across better.

Cane says: Barren is the land of MFM amateur videos that feature people under 30 and under 230lbs. I hate to always be doggin’ on middle-age swingers’ videos, but I guess it’s for the same reasons I don’t watch Disney movies anymore... shit just ain’t in my demographic. I have nothing but love for the swingin’ swinging community but given the choice, I’d rather watch people my own age fuck. Unless the video is REALLY hot.

MFM porn is my favorite, probably because it’s my favorite fantasy; amateur porn is always preferred over professional, because those people are doing (whatever acts) because they
want to, not because of the payout, which makes any frumpy yet horny homemaker hotter than any bleach-blonde contract-girl, any day. Yet, as implied above, good/quality MFM amateur porn is very hard to find. For this fact, I bypass all lack of seduction, foreplay, and good direction in this video, in lieu of the fact it’s got two dicks and an all too happy and eager young lady jumping at the opportunity to suck and fuck them both.

I love her big smile and playful giggles as she rubs the two cocks together over the males’ protest, then hungrily, even ferociously devours each one, unable to suck one for too long before she has to urge to feel the opposing one between her lips again. Back and forth, back and forth she goes!

Later on, we get into some standard finger-cuffing, the guys switching it up, but what really gets me is around the 5:33 mark, she is sucking one guy’s dick, then immediately goes to kiss the other guy she’s straddling, and he kisses back passionately, never minding another man’s cock was passing between her lips not a second before. I don’t think that alludes to anything bisexual, but I do love the fact that there is no hesitation or reluctance on his part.

In the end, we may not have the semblance of a story line or the build-up conventional professional porn (there’s a word combination for you) often has ... but we do have three REAL people, showing us, at their best, how to be unconventional.

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