Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ass Wrap!

So ends our inaugural "Ass Week, 2010" (sniffle)! I hope all the pictures and articles were as arousing as they were intended to be!

For all you boys out there who still have your anal-cherry, I hope you'll consider losing it to your woman (or man), because being a bottom can be just as rewarding! Be sure to write us and tell us how it goes!

Finally, to bookend this wondrous week of ass, below is yet another picture of my lovely bud. Well, Cane says it's lovely, at least ;-)

All images Copyright: The Secretive Slut, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Pic-Fridays VII

Every Friday, we present choice-cuts of photo-erotica, as discovered in the dark depths of the abyss that is the internet.

Jez says: I like this picture because it's oddly intimate for a shot of a strap-on in action. Most photographs are always so aggressive in nature--but this one has a quality about it that makes me want to believe that they are really lovers. The man is masculine. The woman is feminine. And she is about to penetrate him. I'm always a sucker for black & white photographs as well.

I'm also thinking this might be a better position for Cane and I to try--so he can control the depth and the thrusts. Sans those wretched french tips!

Cane says: I yarn a lot about MMF’s, so I thought I’d change it up a bit. What seems like your standard male-fantasy of two women at once is slightly askew, as one lovely gal is slipping him a digit; it’s just something you don’t see too often out in the open, and that makes me appreciate it all the more. This pic makes me wonder what else is in store for this lucky-lad’s bum and a two:one ratio!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Strap-On Nation

....A feminine reflection on penetrating the male.
by Jezebel

I love fucking Cane in the ass. I absolutely go wild. There is one fundamental aspect of sex that is ALWAYS essential for me to really enjoy it. I want to feel
owned ... to feel dominated ... out of control. Probably why I really get off on doggy style; something about the position suggests being powerless. You are being used and dominated by a cock. I love the weight of the man on top ... the idea that I can't free myself ... the fact that I can't control the pace. Want to see me really lose it in bed? Take the control away from me.

or ...

Give it
all to me and abandon the wheel. The pleasure of plowing into Cane has been insanely hot; he moans like an owned man... completely at my mercy. Those moments where he gasps are like heroin to me. addictive. I can go fast ... or slow ... it's all up to me. I love it when he catches his breath and I realize that a thrust has given him some incredible sensation. I am theoretically inside of him ... and that is unbelievably hot, too. He whimpers. He sighs. He is all mine.

I love dominating him. I even enjoy those moments he begs me to be more gentle
(though I want to note here to female readers that it is ESSENTIAL to heed this request) because it confirms that I am indeed in control. And the possessive side of me wants to own every inch of this man ... even what is inside.

You know what is amazing? When you fuck a man just right in the ass, he will turn around and fuck you so hard you think you've won the lottery. I think next time I should make him suck “my cock”. Let him feel what it's like to choke on a member. I have a feeling he'll love it as much as i do.

Now Cane already gave a very nice
male perspective on approaching anal ... but I think it might benefit some of you out there to get the feminine perspective.

Cane and I have definitely found that this blog is helping to motivate us to be more honest about sex--what we like, what we want, and yes ... those things that typically are hard to express. You know what I'm talking about ... most of us have a few desires that fill us with shame. Even if we know better. Even if we possess the most amazing partner in the universe who loves us and adores us regardless. Certain things are just so damn difficult to be open about.

But Cane is willing to try and be open--to have a conversation even about the most terrifying of subjects (for a male) ...
taking it up the ass. Cane will be the first to tell you, it wasn't an easy conversation for him to have. Sure ... over the years he's hinted at being interested. He's occasionally (in a hot and heavy moment) conveyed his desire. He even bravely broached his bisexuality (gently saying he thought he was a tiny bit so). But when it came down to really making strap-ons and anal a regular part of our sex life HE was the one that always seemed reluctant.

Here's the deal:
Googling other blogs and checking out the popular male voice on the subject, it's obvious: Most men in heterosexual relationships are terrified of anal on some level. Even if they have the guts to let you do it a few times, even if they really REALLY enjoy it ... there is this self-imposed stigma that permeates the world. "She'll think less of me. I'll be less of a man in her eyes" or "She's going to worry I'm gay" or even "What if it freaks her out if I love it too much?" The anus is a very vulnerable spot for all of us, and truth be told it's easy to overanalyze the consequences of using the back door. I don't blame men. I believe this issue for them can take them emotionally down the same rabbit hole that some women go down when they agonize over "will he think I'm a slut if I sleep with him right away?" There is the idea that you'll do some sort of damage that can't be fixed. That you'll be forever changed in your partner's eyes. And likely you will ... but that isn't a bad thing as long as you communicate the entire time. Talking about it can bring you closer. I swear.

You see, Cane and I discussed this recently. I knew he loved it. I knew he wanted it. But I couldn't quite comprehend why it doesn't happen much. I can count on one hand the number of times I've had his ass--and we've been together 2 years. The reluctance confused me. Typical female, I actually felt a little rejected. Way to go Jez, why don't you make it about yourself. What men have to remember is that just because it's YOUR ASS being discussed doesn't mean that your girlfriend or wife isn't being affected by the situation. If you've indicated any level of interest, but then not gone there, then she may very well be convinced that your reluctance is because of her ... for all sorts of reasons.

We talked about it. He was beautifully honest. He expressed his concerns, reservations--and they all made sense. I'm a loving partner. Very supportive. But we all have internal dialogues with ourselves that aren't always easy to silence. He was dealing with his own.

I don't need to regale you with details on our own personal conversation about the subject. The truth is that I love him unconditionally and I want to meet his needs and desires. He had to make me understand that his issues were independent of me. More or less,
I want to address those (men) of you out there and set the record straight. There are a lot of you who struggle in this area and I think it's unfair. So here are several things you need to know from the female perspective:

1. Enjoying anal sex (meaning YOU taking it in the ass) should not make a woman question your heterosexuality. Gay men want to be fucked by other men. Not just have a dildo in their ass. Applying that logic, you (as a straight male) are not gay--your arousal is due to having a woman on the other end, donning a strap-on and owning you. Having something in your ass is not an indicator of sexuality. Relax. Would you call a woman a lesbian because she wants oral? Does a dildo in a woman mean she’s cheating on you? Of course not, silly.

2. Poo happens. Cane covered this effectively--but I just want to reiterate from the female side that we, too, have to be forgiving and understanding of what might happen when we use the exit for entry.

3. A real man is the man who knows how to talk about what he is feeling. This means if he wants to feel a cock in his ass he is capable of saying "Hey honey, how about railing me with your strap-on?" A real man is comfortable in his own skin and unafraid of what his penchants suggest about him. He KNOWS who he is. He'll tell you and he'll happily explain his various tastes and interests to you (his partner). He won't get angry or insecure ... well, okay let's just admit there is a learning curve here and say that if he starts to, he'll apologize and try to be more open later. It takes practice, but we all are capable. Your partner's feelings matter. They should be somewhat open to what you are wanting, but you have to be prepared for their own emotions. Be as honest as you can in answering questions. Don't retreat into silence or shyness when you feel exposed by their probing. Your partner wants to understand you. This can bring you even closer if you lay all your cards on the table. If you refuse to be totally open, you will risk damaging the relationship--because women are guilty of reading into things and making the wrong assumptions. Truth and candidness are the best ways to combat misunderstanding.

We all get a little insecure from time to time. And it makes sense that it can happen to any of us. Society dictates so many ideas about male/female roles and often makes us feel conflicted in admitting what we want.

The key is to not let your insecurity bend you over and have it's way with you ... the key is to leave that to your partner.

(***note: unfortunately, the photos in this entry are not us. But do not fret, Secretive Slut strap-on pics are in the works!)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesday VII

This week’s selection: It’s Ass-Week 2010 at the Secretive Slut, so let’s watch a REALLY enthusiastic girl be pounded harder than Cane would in his first night at a federal prison (get it? because Cane is soooo pretty!).

CLICK HERE (but come back!)

Jez says: Though personally my own rear end isn't ready for such rough-housing ... you have to hand it to the girl in this one as she's totally game for a pounding on her back door. I think it's more her enthusiasm than anything that makes this one fun to watch. I loved the way she reached her arm up and back to wrap around his neck. She and he are obviously in unison about the pacing. It was a tiny bit disconcerting when voices come out of nowhere giving directives to her. I had no idea there would be audience participation. But our heroine quickly gives them what they want and crows as he goes as deep as he can. Wow.

Pleasure? Pain? The guy never ceases to ram her hard. I didn't think she could be any more excited until I saw her blow him at the end. If she was faking for the camera, I'd never know it. She is still moaning and begging all the way until he climaxes deep in her throat. Bravo.

Cane says:
I know I’ve been desensitized when I consider anal-porn vids pretty vanilla. Not that I didn’t appreciate the ardent devotion this chick had for hosting someone in her pooper... nary are girls in porn who I really believe are getting the fucking of a lifetime they seem to otherwise vocally impart. But not this chick: she LOVES the punishment her most private hole is getting... so cheers!

But I found sifting through literally dozens and dozens of anal-clips with Jez, I just found myself bored and uninterested; I mean at least give me a quality DAP (double-anal) that doesn’t star your typical
super-skank. Alas, for all the perverted, shame-filled thoughts I have about sex, I barely raise an eyebrow to straight-forward anal.

(and on a side-note: this chick’s back is RIPPED. Definitely a former gymnast or swimmer.)

However, as mentioned, this girl’s feverish ass-in-heat paired with a nice big cock (despite some serious gardening needed), is a pretty raw, down&dirty quickie.

still weird me out, though, man.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Her: Where It Shines

With Cane's ass getting the spotlight yesterday, it's my turn now! (well, a photo, at least)... My ass is always such an attention whore.

And the irony does not escape me that I'd rather show you my holiest of holes... instead of my face.

All images Copyright: 'The Secretive Slut', 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Penetration Nation

by Cane

I like to get fucked in the ass. I’ve had fingers, tongues, plugs, dildos, and cocks inside me, and I keep putting things up there because it feels fucking good, people. Your anus is rich in nerve endings (for both guys and gals), and of course there is the far under-estimated, under-used
male prostate. You jealous of your lady’s clitoris and how touch-sensitive it is? Have her stroke your prostate and you will get a window into her world.

Some ignorant, homophobic men will shun the idea of anything coming near their hole, decreeing,
“I ain’t gay!”.... you’re fucking retarded, douchebag. Having your ass explored and penetrated is no more gay than you masturbating; essentially, you’re a guy giving a guy a handjob... only the dick happens to belong to you. Slipping a dildo in your ass, or having your lady fuck you with a strap-on is just as NOT gay... not even bisexual. You’re stimulating a part of your body that gives you pleasure, that’s all. Hell, I’ve had a dick in my ass and I do not consider myself gay, by the very definition of the word. That’s another article, though.

Keeping up on my reading in the realm of health and sexual eduction, I’m noticing more and more testimonies from couples and heterosexual men exploring and practicing anal stimulation and pleasure. And while it might be old-hat for some of you readers, I’d like to throw my two-cents in and maybe offer some helpful advice for those who are curious or are just starting out.

1) Communication. First thing you want to do, above all, is to communicate with your partner. A lot of your apprehension and insecurity might be from your fear of rejection and humiliation if you admit to your wife or girlfriend you want to explore anal-play. I can’t stress this enough: 99% of the time, your girl will be absolutely into it; it’s probably something she’s been wanting to do for a long time, but just as you, didn’t know how to broach the subject, afraid of rejection herself. Once that insecurity is dissolved, you may find your attitude and comfort-level suddenly sky-rocket. Sometimes just freely admitting out loud you want your ass pounded will be an albatross off your shoulders.

If your girl balks or is disgusted at your request, you’re dating a fucking bitch, dude... sorry. A good partner should be open and sensitive to things of such delicate nature, such as your sexual desires and what makes up your sexual identity. And while you cannot ever force anyone to like or do something they just are not comfortable with... if she’s making you feel terrible or humiliated about something that took a lot of courage to raise... then yeah, she’s a bitch... dump her ass. If she’s understanding about it, but still does not feel comfortable, this is where continuing to communicate and educate both yourselves on “the matters of the ass” thoroughly will come in, as well as discussing and entertaining alternatives.

Anyway, back to the butt: There is also something to be said of just going for it, for the first time, in the heat of the moment. If the thought of formerly talking openly to your lady about it is too hard, than maybe amidst parts being sucked and fucked, tongues and hands everywhere, take her hand and guide it toward your asshole; she’ll know immediately what you mean... this however prompts the problem of proper lubrication. Though I recommend lube be used for all ass-splunking excursions, sometimes if you’re relaxed enough and things are sweaty, a finger will slip right in. I really leave it up to the judgement of the individual, but don’t be surprised if you experience the notorious “dry shocker”.

If you ladies want to forgo a formal conversation and just want to see if your boyfriend or hubby might be into it, I would advice proceeding with caution if you’re doing it for the first time. In this instance, especially if the subject matter has never been brought up, you might get a shocked, then angry man if you just go for the gold unceremoniously. Instead, I’d send a scouting party to harken the arrival of your intended digit. When things are going hot and heavy, let your fingers drift downwards; stroke his cock, play with his balls, spend time putting pressure on his
perineum, then gently begin brushing his asshole. Do this for a little while, then maybe whisper in his ear, “Do you want me to touch inside of you?“ He may say yes, but if he says ‘no’, don’t be discouraged; he just might not be prepared (again, this is if you haven’t had a conversation preceding). After sex, or whatever you’re doing, maybe use this to bring up the subject... he might still be open to it, but just wanting to talk about it more and proceed with a ”plan“.

2) Rimming (see also, anilingus) While you may never want to go so far as to explore the depths (pun!) of your ass by means of penetration, I guarantee you will still be happily satisfied with just having your asshole flicked and licked by a tongue. This, of course, can be another baby-step to getting into heavier ass-play, but it is a perfectly enjoyable and erotic act in and of itself. As stated, your anus is covered in nerve endings... and rarely does it get to feel the hot, moist, texture-richness of a tongue. I absolutely LOVE it when Jez eats my ass out; she’ll attest she hears noises come from me she NEVER hears during normal sex or conventional foreplay. But like I said, rimming is not just for the men... ladies, you will experience the same thing if your guy gives your hole a tongue-bath.

Eating ass is like eating pussy: people have their discretions; communicate with your partner on placement, pressure, speed, amount of tongue used, etc. I recommend starting with light flicking, using just the tip, circling around the puckered ring of the hole... but that’s just for starters ;-)

(Above, Jez demonstrates her best ability)

As far as positions, roll up on your back, hike those knees up by your ears, and let her go at it, or squat/sit on her face, like I’m sure she’s done to you so many times. However, getting on all fours with your ass in the air and having your lady lick and eat you from behind is intensely erotic and submissive.

If you just can’t abide the idea of putting your tongue on an asshole, don’t count it out of your sex-lives completely. A feather brushed lightly over and against it will stimulate you or your partner as well.

(click 'read more' below and find out more about your man and his butt!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Us: Shone

What's with these semi-ostentatious titles for our personal pictures? And who uses the word 'ostentatious' in real life? On the other hand, "Dick in Sunshine" doesn't quite convey the level of 'class' we're attempting.

This was a great afternoon of sex and pics-- video, too. Plenty of stuff for future posts, so stay frosty!

All images Copyright: 'The Secretive Slut', 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pic-Fridays VI

Every Friday, we present choice-cuts of photo-erotica, as discovered in the dark depths of the abyss that is the internet.

Jez says: My submission for today (you know I can never limit myself to just ONE!) revolve around a similar theme. I love tangled limbs. Being held in strong arms. Sometimes that is all it takes to turn me on ... suddenly being conscious of Cain's arm snaked around me in some way that makes me feel small and protected--even "owned."

I think it's very erotic to see lovers limbs all intertwined--because you know that the scenario is sweet and comforting, but yet there is the suggestion that those arms can quickly become forceful and demanding. The first two images have that gentle power to them. The man is encircling the woman with his arms. She's submitting to the embrace, and wrapping herself around him as well. You can see how relaxed the women's faces are ... how pleased they must be to find themselves in that position. The men are gentle but I like to think their embraces will slowly get more and more deliberate and intense. Their hands will roam and demand more.

I also think it's nice because it could either be before or after sex.

This last image is a little more dominant ... because the woman is blindfolded. A man is still embracing her, and she is submitting ... but it's clear he's in control and taking what he wants. Very erotic. As a woman both things are so attractive and desired ... to be embraced gently and with feeling ... and also manhandled and used.

Cane says: Jez’s last post got me having nothing but lesbians on the mind. Things could be worse. To echo the theme of her entry, this first pic seems like “the right way” to go about one’s pussy eatin’. I mean, the chick is just GOING for it, nose mashed in and all. I believe the title of the picture was “Vacuum”; pretty apparent why!

The second pic plays to the fantasy world where all lesbians are pearls and lace... siiiigh. Though maybe not a true representation of what the general lesbian populous is really like (Jez and her gorgeous former lover excluded)... I will continue to live in my myopic wondrous world of mythological lipstick, same-sex lovers...

...and they are doing just that. Lounging around in necklaces and black-lacey under-thingies, constantly campaigning to remove what little either has on, with their teeth. I especially love the placement of the submissive one’s hand... a gentle, but overt grip on the other’s inner thigh. I just want to know where the OTHER pictures from this shoot are!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

From the Jez Files: The Proper Way to Eat Pussy

by Jezebel

When you go lesbian for a period of years you have no choice but to hone a particular set of skills. Learn to lick that pussy; there are now two sets in the room and both will need attention. Some girls get away with half-hearted and boring blow jobs when dating a male--some men aren't that into BJ's, or at least they can sacrifice good head as long as the girl is a good fuck. But when two girls are sexual partners ... half-hearted oral just won't cut it. Lucky for me, I was always a good student and I had a marvelous teacher. What follows is both a recollection and a primer for those of you who aren't always sure what you are doing down there.

The first time I had the pleasure of experiencing a girl going down on me was eye opening. I had experienced my share of guys and while it wasn't always unpleasant, it was always accompanied with the sensation of rough beard stubble, awkward tongues that weren't always familiar enough with the anatomy and occasionally even obvious reluctance. I had yet to experience oral in a way that made it a preferred sex act.

She was extremely feminine. Extraordinarily hot. D-cups. Size 0. 5'7. Long dark hair and exotic beauty. She was heterosexual as far as I knew, and had plenty of men vying for her attention. She was the kind of girl that obscured all the other females in a room. We were friends.

I had walked out of her guest bathroom late one evening. She attacked me as I walked down the dark hallway and threw me against the wall. Her aggression & confidence were an instant turn on. Soft lips, soft skin ... soft everything. I smelled her perfume. Vanilla and sugar. Delicious. She pulled me into her bedroom and pushed me down on her bed. It was all so shockingly new to me that I didn't do much at all. Instead I let her guide the moment--curious to see what would happen. She groped and explored me--kissed my neck in a way I had always wished more boys would. Little sighs escaped both of us in the dark. My mind felt conflicted about what was happening, but my lower half did not. I suddenly realized my underwear was soaking.

click 'read more' and find tips to really work a pussy, as well as the conclusion of my first time with a girl...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Us: Dichotomy

di⋅chot⋅o⋅my [dahy-kot-uh-mee] –noun, plural -mies.
1. a division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs.
2. Jezebel and Cane in perfect, naked duality.....

All images Copyright, 'The Secretive Slut'; 2010

All images Copyright, 'The Secretive Slut'; 2010

Web-Vid Wednesday VI

Today’s selection: The sub-tab to the page says it all, “Huge dick rams tiny latina”. I can’t do any better than that!

CLICK HERE (but come back!)

Jez Says:
Ok, so Cane called me out after last week's post. He wanted to make sure I recognized that porn standards are never likely to reach my own artistic standards. We laughed about how hard I have been being on porn clips and I admitted that my attitude suggests that there is such thing as “perfect porn”. I have to adjust my attitude and focus on the positive. But I'm still convinced that porn can be better ... and until it gets there, I'll continue to be a bit judgemental. That said, I love amateur porn when it's simple and good.

Cane gave me a choice amongst three clips to review this week ... and I chose this one. Let me tell you why: the men out there will probably presume it is due to the enormous cock the guy possesses. Wrong. Yes, it's fascinating and I'll admit I watched out of sheer concern for the girl in the clip. When he lays his dick across her abdomen it literally goes almost to her sternum! How do you
fuck that and not damage half your internal organs? It's like a National Geographic special at this point ... you HAVE to see the lion take down the gazelle.

But here is what I truly liked about this clip: the couple are really enjoying themselves. The girl wants it. The guy is both forceful, and yet considerate ... when she yelps "It hurts" (which is hot and awful all at the same time) he shifts positions. It's really cute when you hear him (after pulling her back towards him while she's in reverse cowgirl) say "Aw, you're shaking!" She completely loses herself to the sensation of being fucked and he runs the show. I love the position they go into where they are sideways spooning and he is snaring his arms around her ... one arm poised around her throat. Hot. She's so small and he's so strong. The image suggests a gentle domination.

They both laugh ... she smiles ... they have a good time. No contrived plot. No stupid set-up. It doesn't feel forced or have terrible music playing in the background. I love the way it ends, with her using her fingers to take the cum he sprayed all over her face and licking it off. A fine fuck. See, I CAN leave a good review.

Cane Says: To somewhat counter Jez, I love the big dick! The shock&awe of the girl; the trepidation, weary of the inevitable... which is, she’s about to be stuffed and filled to the brim. The girl can’t help but be absolutely adorable: playful, giggling, bubbly, sometimes bashful... a good girl getting fucked good, and all the merrier for it! I just love girls who bring a good attitude in front of the camera; one thing is for sure, she’s enjoying being there (which is something that always reads on-screen).

“I’m not sure I can fit it in my mouth”, she proclaims at the onset, but size be damned, the girl has a quick learning curve. Seeing a nice big cock being worked over will always make me go from 0-60. It’s shaky-ground when they start to fuck, her nervous laughs mask the greater concern of, ‘are you serious with this thing, man?!’... but she eventually takes it and her world changes forever; you can see it on her face: wondrous pleasure and pain. Her moans, gasps and cries are genuine... I swear, I could get off on just listening to the audio, alone.

And an impressive cum-blast at the end... motherfucker is packing a SHOTGUN!.. while moments before, our girl is on her knees in front of him, smiling, eagerly awaiting to feel his hot cum splash into her mouth.

Bravo, and good show old-chap! Do you want to come over Friday and 'do that thing you do' on Jez???

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Can Do Dirty All By Myself

Most of the time Cane makes me feel like such a dirty fucking whore, I often have to cleanse myself thoroughly. But sometimes, I'm dirtier all by myself...

(and to make it abundantly clear, this IS a video of me!)

Player not working? Click here for direct link.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Prelude to a DVP

by Cane

Having been together for quite awhile now, I am surprised the obvious never occurred to me; for the millionth time mentioned on this blog (and in bed), a huge fantasy of mine is to have a dapper gentlemen join us in the bedroom. Among other deliciously defiling acts I wish to undertake unto Jez with an additional male (much in the vain of
The Story of O) one of the blue-ribbons is double-vaginal penetration a.k.a DVP.

What, no love for the
DP? Um, HELL YES... but specifically about the DVP, I want to have my cock pressed and jammed up against another guy’s as we’re both in her pussy at the same time. At each thrust, we are rubbing cocks directly as we are inside of her, the ideal pay-off being cumming simultaneously all over each others cocks inside, as well as coating Jez’s interior. Hot.

And while the
perfect guy eludes us for now, what’s a brother to do in the interim? Which is why I cannot believe I never thought to think about slipping a perfectly good dildo inside her pussy while I was fucking her. Fucking DUH, right?! Whilst definitely not the same, you absolutely do get the feeling of cock-dimensional third-party stretching her pussy and jamming up against you as you thrust and hump away. The dildo also put a lot of direct pressure on my shaft itself, and especially felt good in the speedy build-up, right before I unleashed pearly strings of cum deep into Jez (think of trying to squeeze a flowing garden hose).

It was not hard to picture the real thing happening as I pumped away in Jez, the dildo riding shotgun... and if the real-deal feels half as good as the practice run, then I think we found a new hobby!

Below are pictures of us and our autonomous silicone lover.

All images copyright: The Secretive Slut, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Him: A Good Book

Cane taking a break from some classic literature.

All images copyright, The Secretive Slut; 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pic-Fridays V

Jez says: For my selection this week I chose something that I found erotic and artistic. I'm such a proponent of "less is more" when it comes to what I find titillating. Hint ... don't show. Tease, don't give it to me.

Black and white makes skin so soft and luminous. I love the way it feels like we've just intruded on a private moment. The composition is good, but not so good that it shakes the notion that we're truly a voyeur. Her arms look nice as they reach back holding on to the tabletop. I love that all we see of the man is his hands firmly grasping her ass--but we can presume he's got his face buried in her warmth. Is he softly licking her? Or violently assaulting her with his tongue? Is her face frozen in an expression of pure bliss--her eyes closed in pleasure? Or is she watching him work? This image leaves it up to the imagination ... while fully getting my imagination going.

Cane says: Fuck, if this pic I've chosen this for week isn't about sheer, raw domination. Me see, me take! Normally, I'm not the machoist of guys, nor alpha-dog and would more than often opt to be the bottom... but this picture stirs up some long repressed primal urge to knock Jez over the head with a club and drag her back to my cave and have her however I want, for as long as I want, with no regard for her whatsoever. Unmitigated and unconditional supremacy over another. Now....where's my club...