Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Hiatus

Alright kitty-kats, we're off to a winter-wonderland escape, to cuddle by the fire and bang all day and night. Don't worry, we'll have photos and videos a-plenty as our belated X-mas, X-rated gift to our loyal readers.

In the meantime, enjoy being with your loved ones (and cumming on them too!... well, not your family).

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pic-Fridays III

This pic tells a whole story. Very noir-inspired-- the black&white, the bar-shadows spilling over them, the lingering smoke... Film-noir themes usually include some kind of torrid, heated affair, where both people have hidden agendas. For me this image is exactly that; the starkness of the room, perhaps a hotel or motel; her body turned away from him, the detachment in her eyes, insinuating guilt or shame; even her stockings are still on, suggesting she didn’t have enough time to get fully undressed... or wanted to be able to re-dress quickly.

While I don’t condone affairs, I am
ALL about “sultry”. Maybe Jez and I need to try some noir-inspired role-playing! Or maybe I just want an excuse to wear a fedora, trenchcoat, and try my best Boggie accent :-)

Jezebel: for this week's photos i have selected two images. one is a tease ... i just like it because it is a portrait of one of cane's fantasies. i imagine the woman is fucking a stranger ... while her boyfriend/husband/lover is forced to sit and watch ... close in proximity ... but unable to participate. and the stranger she's fucking looks like he's in ecstasy. it's hot. i wonder if she made her lover lick the cum out of her afterwards.

The second photo is hot for a few reasons. one, its just a great angle on both parties; two, you almost get the sense the photographer is a third player in the scenario. very illicit.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Web-Vid Wednesdays III

This week’s selection: Your stock-lesbian scenario takes a pleasant departure from the contrived, to the sensual.

CLICK HERE (but come back!)

Jez Says: what i like about this clip is that (yet again) Cane has managed to unearth a nice rarity ... instead of two bleach blonde, fake tan, fake tits and overly made up chicks overacting their way through a session for the camera ... we have two attractive women who really seem to be into each other. the way they make out ... and can't help but writhe all over one another tells us that they are really turned on.

for some reason i get disappointed when porn cuts from underwear to no underwear. its not a big deal ... but i kind of enjoy seeing how it comes to pass that someone finally decides to demand they come off. it's always odd to suddenly go from clothes to no clothes in my mind.

i think the blonde could have teased the brunette a little more before diving in the muff ... that is half the fun. but i was quite impressed at the angle on this ... her pink tongue was really getting in there. it was also nice to see the blonde was truly carried away once it was her turn. she wasn't playing for the camera. she was hiding her face with one hand ... in the true fashion of a girl on the verge of a ridiculous orgasm. that brunette really worked her over. and all without using any dildos or toys. bravo. there is reality for you ... two velvety soft girls, two sets of hands and tongues.

Cane Says: While I am not disillusioned enough to believe in a world where lesbians actually look and act like this (more like this)... I humbly beseech you: don’t wake me up. Young, soft, feminine, beautiful, with hints of the exotic... this seems like porn of a different stock, possibly imported from a country where allure, playfulness, and sensuality are held above some American male director’s vision of a raw, unflattering fantasy-sceneario with chicks trying too hard to seduce the camera, rather than each other.

The long kissing, touching, rubbing; the delicate way the brunette actually
works the blonde’s pussy instead of half-ass flicking and licking it as if it tasted like old pennies, which I’ve seen in countless other lesbian-porn. Once again, just as in last week’s clip, I believe these lovely ladies are truly into each other, enjoying every moment and every inch of their bodies, and the camera just happened to be rolling. Check out the very end, even after the blonde has cum, they continue to cuddle and kiss softly, enjoying the after-glow of the orgasam. When do you ever see that?!? This is genuine-- and even if it really isn’t, it’s portrayed as such, which is a wonderful choice by the director and production company.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Arrivals!!!

These alluring instruments of pleasure arrived today. Oh, the places they’ll go...

Let us know if you want to see us use them!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Proper Introductions: Cane

I don't think we've been formally introduced; I'm Cane. Wanna see something...?

All images copyright, The Secretive Slut; 2010

Sunday, December 13, 2009

**A Note About Our Personal Pics

If you haven't noticed from all our Pic-Fridays, we have a penchant for more artistic, editorial erotic photography. This extends into how we like to be photographed ourselves and how we photograph each other.

We're both hobby-photographers; Jez is a retired pro and Cane is fastly approaching the cross-over from novice into pro... so we know what we're doing. Rarely will you see a picture from and of us that's shot on some crappy digital point-n-shoot.

All of our personal images are our property and are not to be reproduced, printed, or distributed in any way and/or through any medium without expressed written permission from us.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Communicating By Communicating Works!!

By Cane

This blog has been going strong for about 2 weeks now, and I just wanted to take a moment to relay how much of an effective communication tool it has been for our relationship, both at the sexual and emotional level. It has brought us emotionally closer, by giving us an opportunity disclose our most secret thoughts, where we might have been too embarrassed, insecure, or flat-out afraid of telling each other some of our most hidden sexual desires and fantasies.

It is incredibly freeing to finally have all my sexual perversions laid out in the open and for her to see everything that makes up my sexual identity.... and not only accept it, but encourage ALL of them and most importantly,
love me even more. By being that vulnerable, it brings us closer, deepening the level of trust. I have never, like 0%, been so open with anyone before and I can’t tell you how cathartic it is.

...plus, we can’t help ourselves but fuck every day, so that’s super-awesome, too!

But I want to make it absolutely clear that Jez and I do not communicate “through“ this blog, so much as it cues up platform TO communicate about what we want to write and why; only after then, do we post anything. For any of you who want to tread a similar path, I can’t tell you how imperative it is to speak face to face with your partner. In this age of technology, it’s easy to protect yourself by removing the human element of communication (email/text/etc) in the initial broach of a subject matter; especially with things sexual in nature, because of the potential embarrassment and vulnerability you may feel.
I implore you not to take such a passive, removed route; it may be scary, but talking directly to your partner will free you more in the end.

On that last note, all credit goes to Jez for doing exactly that; she was the one to confront me, whereas I was always too afraid to disclose what
really makes me what I am as a sexual-being as well as what was really going through my mind 95% of the time we were having sex, but was never revealed to her. Jezebel created this blog and proposed the idea to me, which lead to a long session that went well into the night, where I finally felt safe enough to just release everything: my bisexual urges, my cuckold fantasies, just to get started... but more importantly, I was finally able to clearly communicate to her WHY I had been so withholding of my real desires; and she was able to assure me and put to rest all the insecurities I had, which just made me feel so very loved.

In closing, loyal readers (all 2 of you), this blog helps us give a reason to disclose both prior and emerging sexual desires, and have them air in the open where we can choose to discuss pursuing and acting out said fantasies, or simply be able to speak to each other not only about them, but
why we have them, thus continuing to deepen our understanding of one another. It’s an all-win scenario.....And again, the sex has been fucking fantastic!

Pic-Fridays II

Cane: I’m not normally into S&M, but fuck if this picture isn’t amazing; I can’t think of any way this girl could be more vulnerable. In the rest of the photo-series, a group of men line up and all have a go at her... and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it, not even vocally protest. Not only can’t I help picturing Jez in this twisted stockade, but I also play with thoughts of submitting myself to it and an army of strap-on’s.

Jezebel: for this week's submission i once again have two. they tell two parts of the same story ... the first reminds me of whenever i catch cane laying face down in bed. he has the most perfect ass and i always get the urge to ravage it. the second ... i find erotic because it's obvious what has been going on ... but there is something so strangely hot about how casual they are ... even though she's either about to, or just finished, fucking him hard. i find myself wondering if she did a good job ... because if she did, then he would have fucked her silly afterwards. i hope she made him suck that cock ... maybe choked him on it and pulled his hair. it's always good to remind the boys how it's done.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vindicating the Male Nude

by Cane

Though I have been known to delve into bi-fantasies from time to time, and even have had a few manly encounters in my past (more in future chapters, kids), I have never found the male naked body to be particularly attractive. Sure, I can recognize (and even be envious) when a guy is super in-shape (see every Abercrombie ad, ever), but it doesn’t necessarily turn me on. How does that equate? Well, for starters, any/all of my bi-fantasies are not really about sex with dudes in so much as acting-out in the moment and being gender-blind in that moment, as well as the taboo of it all... but again, I digress.

I think it’s my general predisposition toward the
female aesthetic. Women are just so wonderfully mapped out with sexy curves and lines; smooth skin, even tone... it’s all rather lovely (see Jezebel for reference!). Men have hard edges, hair patches in odd places, and junk unceremoniously jutting out and hanging all over the place down there.

In the photography medium, most try to capture the nude male in some kind of
Adonis , Atlas or other archetypal Greek/Roman inspired-form that touts hyper-masculinity; examples one, two, three, four of what I mean. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the “classical male form” as it has been rendered over the centuries by masters.... more so, [today] for me it’s just all so contrived, cliche, repetitive, and “safe”. And I know that this kind of form isn’t supposed to be sexual, rather an artistic study of the human form (snore)... but I guess what I’m saying is, nary an image I have found of the nude male that doesn’t try to stay within this arty-realm, even if it is meant to provoke and arouse the minds of the sexes.

Add to that, an attractive male face is hard to come by; seriously, have you really looked at the majority of dudes? Many women can bypass a man’s face in lieu of the size of his wallet or bulge (face it girls, you’ve done at least one or both sometime in your life). But, that alternative-requisite doesn’t apply to me, so that leaves a barren wasteland filled with the absence of a truly attractive naked male.

Then, they went ahead and
invented the internet. And while I’ll still maintain 95% of naked males FAIL at stirring my loins, below are a few select professional pictures I’ve found that seem to walk outside the line of the conventional classic male nude, as well as get me thinking all kinds of dirtiness.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Web-Vid Wednesdays II

Today's Selection: Two annoyingly young and beautiful people remind us that all professional porn doesn't have to be disgusting.

Click here!! (but come back!!)

Cane Says:
To me, this is all about sensuality and youth. Though an obvious professional production, I give major accolades to the fact that the girl is not some made-up, bleach-blonde, fake titty'd skank, nor is the guy a disgusting, booze-swollen, 40-year old Rogaine-veteran perv with 'bacne. The sex between the very young couple seems nervous and insecure, which harkens a more innocent time in our lives; something I don't necessarily miss, but it's just nice to see that all porn is not spitting on cocks and unflattering close-ups of a girl's duck-face, while faking orgasm noises.

I love how the young man handles her so delicately; note the 6:20 mark, as he lightly bites and sucks at her nipples. In the majority of main-stream porn, the dude would be clawing and man-handling the woman's breasts, while inhaling loudly through his nose... and not in a good way.

The first highlight for me, is the wonderful surprise the kid is packing (7:10); how the girl slowly removes his underwear to reveal a mammoth cock; I just kept thinking, "You lucky lucky bitch". I love how she touches it, I love how she sucks it, but most of all, I love how he watches her.
I would love to see Jez fucked by a cock like that!

verdict: Everything is "right" about this video: every position, every thrust, every way they touch and look at each other. I think the LACK of noise, and in its place, their heavy, rhythmic breathing, shows that they are both getting real pleasure from each other. I truly believe, that unlike in most pro-porn, these two are genuinely enjoying the sex they are having, which makes it 1000x's hotter to watch. But seriously, I fucking hate them for being young and perfect. Assholes.
And PS: whatever they're fucking on at the end looks REALLY comfortable.

Jezebel Says: it's so nice to see young attractive people ... instead of the typical hairy dude with a beer gut banging some peroxide blonde with fake tits. i think that girl has the most perfect pair of breasts in the world. damn her. they both seemed so young and innocent ... and quiet. was anyone else waiting to hear a loud gasp or grunt from the boy? silence always weirds me out a little bit--then again i didn't mind it much here.

i enjoyed watching a very sweet, soft and gentle coupling. they made sure we got to see them at virtually every angle (which only served to remind me how skinny, unblemished and youthful they were ... curse them) and it was nice. i even loved the slow torture of how long it took to finally remove all of their clothing. i always love a long drawn out make out session when you know what is ultimately coming. total self torture--and it's awesome. i will admit i got very turned on ... and was frustrated that my boyfriend sent me this as he was leaving for the day. what the hell am i supposed to do now?

verdict: all turned on with no place to go (or anyone to do me). it was pretty and romantic porn. love it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I Learned At Church ...

by Jezebel

i grew up the dutiful daughter of a baptist minister. not the slightest bit rebellious ... not the least bit promiscuous. i dreamed the dream of a prince on a white horse and being prized for my virtue. it was a romantic notion ... but one that also kept me from relating to the rest of the world.

i went to church every sunday. sang the hyms ... contemplated my mortality, the existence of God and my own sinful nature. i feared for my soul. i wept with gratitude for the sacrifice of His only son. i prayed with the fervency of one who believed her prayers were heard. and i read the scripture. religiously.

if only the elders and minister who often congratulated me on my dedication and "strength of character" had realized what i often did during the sermon. while seeming to be so very engrossed in Bible verses ... the picture of piety ... i was really getting off on what had to be some of the sickest and most stunning erotica ever written. have you ever really read the Bible? it's loaded with rape, incest, illicit love affairs and even same sex relationships. and it was the closest i could ever get to even talking about the subject as my parents kept the chastity belt so tight that they didn't even regard the "sex talk" as important.

my personal favorite was always queen esther.

reputed to be the most beautiful woman in the world at the time ... the brave jewess who won the King's heart and risked her life to save her people. but when you research the history of the time ... and really comprehend what it took to be a king's wife in that region & era ... well let's just say that Esther, who i was told i should strive to be as selfless as ... was a real sex pro. the entire book of esther is really about a SEXUAL competition to win the king's favor. she would have engaged in lesbian sex with the king's concubines ... as this was the accepted method of teaching a new queen how to please her husband. and let's face it ... if the king was like any other male i've ever known, then he probably liked to watch. and her sexual exploits are painted as a heroic means to save an entire race of people. genius.

but you don't have to examine history and customs to fill in the gaps in Biblical stories and get the down and dirty. some of the verses are unbelievably explicit.

some made me uncomfortable and question who God is ... like Genesis 19:30-38 that has a supposedly righteous man drunkenly impregnating his willing daughters. ew. or the father that offers up his two virgin daughters to a crowd of angry men demanding that he give up his angelic house guests so that they can rape them. i mean ... REALLY? it's not ok for them to touch male angels ... but your poor virgin daughters can be defiled? not sure that is very good for a teenage girl's perception of her worth as a woman. but i remember feeling really conflicted by how turned on i got reading about one of history's first gang bangs.

in 2nd Samuel Amnon rapes his sister, Tamar. incest is gross ... but to a teenage mind the idea that she was that fucking irresistible was kind of hot. but backing up ... King David himself ... what a stud. a true cinderella story ... shepherd turned King ... handsome and robust ... loved by all. and he had many wives, concubines and still wasn't satisfied. he got a poor soldier killed just to get it on with his gorgeous wife. 2nd Samuel and even 1st Kings read like action/erotica. they have it all ... war, blood, fighting, hot women, sex slaves and violence galore.

then we have the Song of Solomon. the entire thing is just ... pornographic. laughably so by today's standards maybe ... but when you understand the time it was written, it's pretty damn nasty. 5:4 "My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him." um ... are we talking about anal, here? 5:5 "I rose up to open to my beloved"--they are totally doing it. 5:6 "I opened to my beloved; but my beloved had withdrawn himself"--i guess he finished. 4:16 "Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits."--i think we all know what is really going on here. they are not talking about vegetables. 1:13 "A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts."--oh come on now ... to a horny, totally clueless little church girl this reads like the dirtiest letter anyone ever wrote to hustler. and there is plenty more ... but that gives you the idea.

all the men in the Bible had whores and concubines. one was even encouraged to marry a whore. i can probably tell you where all those stories are. because while everyone else was listening to the sermon for the day, i was getting all hot and bothered with my nose buried in scripture. my sexual awakening was literally happening in CHURCH.

i remember worrying about what people would think if they knew how dirty my thoughts were. i remember how passionless the sex lives of my own parents appeared. i remember touching myself and condemning myself afterwards. i don't feel guilty any more.

but i do find it ironic that some of my dirtiest fantasies were probably created while sitting in a chapel ... just longing to get fucked. even my propensity for submissiveness ... is probably rooted in the allure of the submissive women in scripture. even more ironic is the fact that some of the ideals i was raised to cleave to are still mine ... i still believe in God ... even if i don't think the church always represents him well. i still crave and aspire to connect with one man. to be valued and cherished by him. to be submissive and given over completely to him. to belong to one another body & soul. it's so romantic to me. to have a holy love ... and a slutty passionate sex life. there are two parts to this woman ... a pure heart ... and a total wanton whore. and it's largely due to Bible school.

Ezekiel 23:19-21 "Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. 20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. 21 So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled."

seriously. try to keep pure thoughts while reading that when you are 15 years old.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Every Friday we each submit a juicy photo that gets us thinking all kinds of bad thoughts.

He Says: With my general proclivity towards MFM's, I had to keep in theme with this week's Web-Vid Wednesday and submit this rousing exemplification of sheer virility. The small girl, wedged and suspended between two amazingly toned, red-blooded men as they take her in either end. I like how the one takes ahold of his wonderfully endowed endowment, feeding it downward as if forcing his seed into her gullet. I also like how the light shows the peach-fuzz on her breasts. It was a hard choice between this photo and this one and also this one... but I have to award higher-markings to the winner for the display of strength, stability, and coordination. I'm mean, that's just fucking impressive. Bravo gents!........ You lucky bitch.

Jezebel Says: for my submission this week i choose something a little less graphic ... but something i find very erotic. i like photos that suggest a physical feeling. i'll dedicate this one to my boyfriend, as he enjoys hearing about my lesbian experience and i was just telling him about how it feels to have a woman between your legs ... with her breasts resting on your stomach. i also like the way the one girl is glancing at the camera as if she's doing it for someone else's viewing pleasure. i'm breaking the rules because these two are a tie and i decided to use them both. i love the angle of the hips in the first one. the way you just imagine it feels to be crushed against her soft stomach. it all looks so velvety and warm. the other ... because it's more titillating. it reminds me of the first time a woman slipped her hands into my own panties against my will--and the shock it caused when i realized how wet i was. so forbidden and so tempting.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Web-Vid Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we review a choice erotic clip/video from the wondrous world-wide-web. There is no content-prejudices; vids range from straight, gay/lesbian, group, to just plain weird and ridiculous.

This week's selection: A haute and hot amateur 'nurse' gets thoroughly examined by two generous and generous cocks.

Click here (but come back!)

Jezebel says: got to knock a point or two off for starting a sex romp with natalie imbruglia's poppy "torn" playing loudly as a backdrop. not sexy.

but there is something sooooo erotic to me about a woman partially dressed ... not fully revealed. it's really fucking hot. major points for her cute little half-way unbuttoned shirt dress. you know what was really hot? the fact that her underwear stays on ... and gets pulled to the side. i have no idea why this always appeals to me ... but its so erotic. that is, without beyonce belting in the background. have you people heard of anything not top 40 radio?

i was yawning a bit as she half-heartedly blew the two cocks ... i would have been a bit more aggressive. might have been the soundtrack (which randomly disappears halfway through ... which is disappointing. i love to hear the gasps and moans). watching her get impaled by two cocks was hot at first ... but the fact that the sound went out lessened the effect ... its far more powerful to hear her gasp with pain/pleasure at the sensation of being totally full. instead we hear nothing ... i mean ... even natalie imbruglia would have been better. and truth be told, i'm a snob. could we go with an artier cropping of the scene? closer up on the genitals? seeing the dude on top looking like an awkward leap-frog player was funny--not sexy.

verdict: mediocre execution, but still enough to turn me on. love the double penetration. love the panties.

He says: I whole-heartedly agree with Jez on the music selection. Either this video was made circa 1998, or these people have incredibly dated music-tastes. Either way, it's hilariously off-setting to the uber-hot action going down.

This video gets me growing in a very private place due to the fact that it's a very real video with real people doing a real MFM, as opposed to contrived professional porn, where people just get paid to show-up, fuck, then leave. This means that this woman had genuine, non-monetary intentions; a desire to realize her fantasy of having two men at once....and THAT, dear readers, is insanely hot. I think MFM's are something more women would admit to wanting, would this insanely conservative nation not cast such damning judgement upon her....

...Sure it's OK for a man to want two women at once; that's the ultimate male-fantasy, right? But a woman to want two men? Well, she'd be a total slut!..... hmmm, I smell another post brewing, but I'll save my rant on the hypocrisy of threesomes for another day.

I only give this reverence, because a genuine MFM is rare find, often eclipsed in the world of amateur porn by the ever popular FMF. ....Either that or most of your amateur MFM videos feature people closer to my parents' age.

The video owner/poster has many other MFM vids and is one of the only "well" sources for that combination on yutuvu.com. I suggest you check them all out... she seems to have an insatiable appetite for dueling cocks (big ones at that!). My only question is, will she ever want even more?

verdict: I give it two, very enthusiastic "Cocks-Up". Get it? It's a play on Siskel and Ebert's trademark review rating ranking, but also because there's two big cocks in the video.... funny right? right? RIGHT?!

PS: and yes, DP gets me every time. You little slut ;-)
**And bonus boner-points for the top guy in the DP cumming and it dripping all over the bottom guy's balls (see the very very end).