Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Behind ...

by jezebel

well dear readers, it seems Cane has been a bit more diligent with posting. although i can blame the holidays for messing up my own momentum. that's not to say that we haven't been having a lot of sex ... just that i wasn't talking about it here.

i digress. after Cane's lovely ode to self-love, i felt it appropriate to confess how self-love can ultimately lead and lend itself to amazing sex. at the moment, i have one thing on my mind. last night Cane gifted me with a powerful orgasm ... i believe our neighbor upstairs must have thought i was being murdered. oops. it started off with my confessing that i had masturbated twice that day ... to his delight.

this quickly led to him asking what i thought about. isn't it funny how you can always get a little embarrassed to confess, even when you feel totally secure with your partner? the truth was that i had gotten off on HIS fantasy. the one where he watches while some other man fucks me witless from behind. this man is rough and relentless--i'm just a receptacle for his cum. he asked what the other man looked like ... and to be honest i don't know. in those scenarios the man is always faceless ... just a body used (like me) to please Cane. it's amazing to me how refined and respectable i am by day ... and yet the idea of the man i love using me like a whore for his pleasure totally gets me off.

i came within less than a minute. wow.

but the fantasy doesn't end there ... i'm sure Cane wouldn't mind, but my own fantasy kicks in here. the other man has finished ... and i approach Cane where he sits silently watching. i spread my legs and pull his face into the opening. i make him clean me up with his tongue ... and then after sucking on him for a moment ... i make him fuck me ...

i came again quite fast.

in relating this to Cane we both got quite wound up. he made me suck his cock ... which i love doing. it always amazes me how unbelievably wet i get with him in my mouth. his moans are delicious. Cane then asked me how i wanted him to fuck me ... and i quickly demanded "FROM BEHIND!"

i absolutely love it from behind. fast and furious. hurting, but in a good way. i love how diminutive i feel underneath Cane ... how powerless it makes me. i think i even get off on the slight suggestion that it's a bit degrading. fucked like a whore ... by a man i adore. i almost get jealous of his hands in the video below.

he's still leaking out of me right now ... i love those little reminders of what has transpired.

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