Friday, January 8, 2010

Pic-Fridays IV

jezebel: my selection this week is two images that suggest similar things to me. they are both precursor moments ... before the actual sex. they make me remember the feeling one has ... right before you get what you are wanting ... your body is suddenly swollen and aching ... one small kiss sends a waterfall gushing from between your legs. i love those moments right before Cane enters me ... it's tormenting and wonderful all at the same time.

the first image is just plain lovely. a kiss ... where the girl hasn't been able to help herself. it's not the male who is ripping off her clothes, but instead SHE is the aggressor. she's slipped her hands into his pants ... feeling his cock ... and getting wet herself once she feels him becoming hard. he might have just said "how about we play a video game and read comic books?" but she has other ideas.

the second reminds me of what it's like when i climb onto Cane ... he's just a little too sleepy ... and i decide i'm going to make him come anyway. i like the way she's cradling him and staring at it ... makes me think she is about to lick and suck him hard ... and then reverse cowgirl him to death. or at least, that is what i like to do.
.....but ohhhh ... those sweet moments right before sex occurs. like a drug all their own.

Cane: In my picks (get it?! pun! ha!) for the week, the first one is really only about shapes. I love how the s-bend in his cock matches perfectly into the s-bend of her hip, as she moves to presumably mount him. However, one cannot help but be hilariously distracted by the pot-bellied 3rd party to their left, and what could be, by the looks of it, a very problematic male thong. Ewwwwww....

Pick two (still funny!) is all about the little things; camera focused on the tiniest bit of salvia or cum, smeared in the midst of ongoing oral. Not much else to say, but seeing the smallest entailments of a larger act is sometimes very erotic.

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