Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesday VI

Today’s selection: The sub-tab to the page says it all, “Huge dick rams tiny latina”. I can’t do any better than that!

CLICK HERE (but come back!)

Jez Says:
Ok, so Cane called me out after last week's post. He wanted to make sure I recognized that porn standards are never likely to reach my own artistic standards. We laughed about how hard I have been being on porn clips and I admitted that my attitude suggests that there is such thing as “perfect porn”. I have to adjust my attitude and focus on the positive. But I'm still convinced that porn can be better ... and until it gets there, I'll continue to be a bit judgemental. That said, I love amateur porn when it's simple and good.

Cane gave me a choice amongst three clips to review this week ... and I chose this one. Let me tell you why: the men out there will probably presume it is due to the enormous cock the guy possesses. Wrong. Yes, it's fascinating and I'll admit I watched out of sheer concern for the girl in the clip. When he lays his dick across her abdomen it literally goes almost to her sternum! How do you
fuck that and not damage half your internal organs? It's like a National Geographic special at this point ... you HAVE to see the lion take down the gazelle.

But here is what I truly liked about this clip: the couple are really enjoying themselves. The girl wants it. The guy is both forceful, and yet considerate ... when she yelps "It hurts" (which is hot and awful all at the same time) he shifts positions. It's really cute when you hear him (after pulling her back towards him while she's in reverse cowgirl) say "Aw, you're shaking!" She completely loses herself to the sensation of being fucked and he runs the show. I love the position they go into where they are sideways spooning and he is snaring his arms around her ... one arm poised around her throat. Hot. She's so small and he's so strong. The image suggests a gentle domination.

They both laugh ... she smiles ... they have a good time. No contrived plot. No stupid set-up. It doesn't feel forced or have terrible music playing in the background. I love the way it ends, with her using her fingers to take the cum he sprayed all over her face and licking it off. A fine fuck. See, I CAN leave a good review.

Cane Says: To somewhat counter Jez, I love the big dick! The shock&awe of the girl; the trepidation, weary of the inevitable... which is, she’s about to be stuffed and filled to the brim. The girl can’t help but be absolutely adorable: playful, giggling, bubbly, sometimes bashful... a good girl getting fucked good, and all the merrier for it! I just love girls who bring a good attitude in front of the camera; one thing is for sure, she’s enjoying being there (which is something that always reads on-screen).

“I’m not sure I can fit it in my mouth”, she proclaims at the onset, but size be damned, the girl has a quick learning curve. Seeing a nice big cock being worked over will always make me go from 0-60. It’s shaky-ground when they start to fuck, her nervous laughs mask the greater concern of, ‘are you serious with this thing, man?!’... but she eventually takes it and her world changes forever; you can see it on her face: wondrous pleasure and pain. Her moans, gasps and cries are genuine... I swear, I could get off on just listening to the audio, alone.

And an impressive cum-blast at the end... motherfucker is packing a SHOTGUN!.. while moments before, our girl is on her knees in front of him, smiling, eagerly awaiting to feel his hot cum splash into her mouth.

Bravo, and good show old-chap! Do you want to come over Friday and 'do that thing you do' on Jez???