Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Her: Where It Shines

With Cane's ass getting the spotlight yesterday, it's my turn now! (well, a photo, at least)... My ass is always such an attention whore.

And the irony does not escape me that I'd rather show you my holiest of holes... instead of my face.

All images Copyright: 'The Secretive Slut', 2010


  1. Amazing holes love! That butthole looks ripe for a rim!

  2. you have a fabulous ass my dear. my ass is an attention whore, too. i bend over in front of edward with my ass in the air, waiting for him to do something to it.

  3. Schwing...

    my word verification was multrub...he he

  4. Wow...so yummy. I just want to dive right in!

  5. your ass is mouthwatering......once prpoerly prepared it is anxious to be violated