Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesdays IV

Today's Selection: A young peeper is shown how a reverse gang-bang works...with penetration!
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Jezebel says: i'll admit it. i'm a snob. even when it comes to my taste in porn. i'm not titillated by videos that seem highly produced, scripted or where the participants are highly aware of performing for the camera.

Cane warned me that the beginning leaned towards the misogynistic ... and he was right. i was irked by the bad acting, the whole "oh look a guy" as they grab the masturbating boy wonder and drag him into their midst. "here we go" was what i was thinking ... "time to watch a ridiculous male fantasy play out badly." i'm sure just about every man has wished he'd happen upon a bevy of sexual sirens who force him to submit to their group sex play. but do those sirens have to play to camera? or can they focus on the male subject and groan and gasp at HIM? the brunette with the short bob couldn't quit grimacing for camera ... and i swear to goodness nothing is more gross to me than "snake tongue" kissing. why do people do that? rapidly flicking one's tongue is not sensual ... it just looks like you don't know how to kiss properly. it also makes me think you wouldn't know how to orally work a set of genitals were it placed in front of you. flicking the tongue=lame. work the lips. both sets.

Cane had urged me to be patient ... and sure enough i saw the appeal for him. once the girls whip out the strap-on's the footage started to feel a little less typical. sort of hot ... but i just didn't buy that everyone was all that into it. too "for camera" for my taste. dyking out should have meant those girls worked each other a little more--and the fellow was soft for half of it. just saying. my verdict is that this video is great for a guy with a desire to be fucked with a strap on by several chicks ... but it did nothing for me (ok, maybe it made me wish Cane would let me go ahead and use our new ass dildo on him). i will always prefer porn that makes you believe you are an interloper upon a very private moment ... where the participants are focused solely on each other and unaware of the camera. oh, and i also prefer porn with no french tips. those fingernails are distracting ... and i always worry that someone's delicate bits are going to get scratched.
Cane says: While indeed this particular video does not follow the themes of quality and beauty and/or realism of the last couple Web-Vid Wednesday submissions, the later scenario and actions in this vid exhibit an exemplary quality for this niche ('niche' being strap-on play do unto the male): the plurality of women.

Though I will agree this video fails as a whole, meant to arouse and tantalize through integrity and quality (words I’m not sure will ever be staples in porn), it did do this: While I have seen reverse gang-bangs, that is multiple girls to one guy, nary are the scenarios where the females (plural) are the ones doing the penetrating, and in such stride. This video falls short of something I so desperately want to see: multiple female dominance, with relentless penetration unto the male, and an attitude of reverse, or female-misogny. Basically, I’d like to see a male get treated as recklessly and cheaply as females do in gang-bang videos.

For me, this video planted that seed and that’s enough for me to take my imagination and run with it.