Saturday, January 9, 2010

Proper Introductions: Jezebel

Though she already introduced herself waaaay back in the very beginning... here she is in the flesh (don't 'cha just love that word?). Boys (or girls), get to strokin'!

All images copyright, The Secretive Slut; 2010


  1. i could have sworn i left a comment saying you have a beautiful body but maybe i didn't. in any case, i'm totally jealous of your body!

  2. you just made me blush ... thank you for the sweet compliment. i've enjoyed reading about you & edward ... keep the entries coming! xo

  3. of course! i'm going to start reading yours as soon as i have a moment away from school!

    i'm glad you've enjoyed reading it so far. i've been critiqued by a blog saying my blog didn't have enough sex in it, but i really can't control that.

    hopefully i'll have some juicy posts coming up soon ;)

  4. Great blog. And WOW! What an incredible body!