Sunday, August 22, 2010

Picture Request: Foot-job

Our first reader picture request is... someone with a foot-fetish! I never "got" how people can sexualize feet... I mean, feet are so weird. Seriously... look at your toes-- they're ridiculous! Like tiny little flesh-colored nub-people. Anyway, we're never ones to judge, so your picture-request wish is our command!

I hope our requestor is pleased as well as any other of you footies out there! And the rest of you please write in if you want to see me/Cane/us do/be anything specific!
All images Copyright: The Secretive Slut, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do you guys deal with hair around the uh...anal opening when you rim Cane Jezebel?

To be honest, Cane isn't riddled with hair there. Or else I've been to turned on to notice. My attitude is as long as it's clean, I am not offended by a little hair. A mouthful might be another story.

What do you want to know?

What's the kinkiest things you've ever done?

You mean besides the 4 years I was in a lesbian relationship? Then, probably would be fucking Cane with a strap-on.

What do you want to know?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pic Tuesdays?

Er, well... probably just gonna post saucy found-pics whenever we want now, instead of designating solely for Fridays. Lazy... well, yes. But probably gonna be more consistent. I'm sure y'all REALLY care... :-)


Man, has this been a barren wasteland in our blogosphere recently. For a sex-orientated blog, there sure has been a lot of sex NOT happening; actually, that’s not fair to say, it’s just been a very vanilla past couple of months due to a lot of work stress that’s been affecting both our lives significantly... and unfortunately that has bled into the bedroom as well. Not to say there hasn’t been stops at an oasis here and there... but more or less it’s been pretty dry.

I imagine, just as our lives have constant cycles.... big, large, small, and tiny... those cycles trickle down into the bedroom as well. We’re not concerned about it just yet, but it just sucks being dead-fucking tired, day in and day out... so much so the idea of exerting one more ounce of energy doing ANYTHING after getting home from a retardedly long day(s) seems like an unmountable task (pun intended). And we don’t even have kids. I don’t know how parents do it, I really don’t.

So yes, I’ve got a new job at a new firm... but they threw me in the deep end, and I’ve been treading water for weeks now. Meanwhile, Cane is at his wits end, professionally and emotionally, at his current job... but feels trapped. Corporate America really does blow. It looks fun on TV, because everything looks contemporary and is lit-well, and everyone’s really young and attractive and dresses sharp... so NOT what it’s really like.

What all this is, is really one giant excuse as to why we’ve been absentee bloggers lately-- and for too long now. So, we’re going to make it up to you, BIG TIME... and best of all, it’s interactive!

Here’s the deal: we’re now open for PICTURE REQUESTS. Please email us with absolutely anything you want to see-- of, on, in, or about either Cane or myself... together or solo...nothing is off-limits except anything that’s done in the bathroom; not gonna judge... but, you know... “ew”.

And please don’t abuse this or be a douche-bag: we’ll sift through the b.s. ones or the ones that don’t seem genuine. Jackasses.

So, we turn it over to YOU, the readers-- now turned art directors (or maybe ‘porn directors’ is more appropriate)!! Our email address in our profile section, under “contact” or leave a comment. Can’t wait to see what you want to see!