Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back In the Saddle

an ode to Reverse Cowgirl
by Jezebel
[enjoy these pics of me riding my favorite stud!]

There is something to be said for switching positions, trying something different or new ... or just changing up the routine in bed. But when it comes to giving Cane a sure-fire super-awesome orgasm, I always know what position is golden. Reverse Cowgirl.

Confession time: I'm one of those girls who didn't enjoy being on top in her early days. It was a combination of insecurity (every girl imagines herself flapping and jiggling awkwardly while trying to balance and not break some hapless guy's dick) and just not comprehending the power one has when on top. Since men are not all the same, I'd met some who wanted it fast and furious and others who acted like their cock was going to shatter if I didn't move in very specific controlled ways. Sure, I occasionally did it when asked, but it was never my favorite. Plus my hip does this really weird popping thing. Seriously ... it sounds like I'm a geriatric with a need for hip replacement. "Oh yeah ... feels so good (*pop*) ... Ohhhhh (*click*) ... " Decidedly not sexy in a 22 year old's mind. But because I am awesome, no guy ever KNEW about my paranoia. I was smart enough to act all into it ... but you never heard me ASKING to be on top.

Then somewhere along the way age, maturity and a sense of sexual confidence kick in. Who cares if my hip clicks sometimes? Sure my boobs look weird due to gravity's pull ... but who gives a damn?! This feeeeeeeeeeeels good. When I move just right there are thrusts that hit deep parts of me that I had no idea existed. And the exhibitionist in me loves seeing Cane laying there, all prone and vulnerable watching me ride him into the orgasm land.

So I got over my aversion to being on top. And that is when I discovered something truly fantastic. Reverse Cowgirl, a position I had long heard revered by other women that I had simply tried half-heartedly but not really paid attention to ... was FUCKING AMAZING. Holy hell. I don't know that it's possible to explain fully what makes the position so mind-blowing. I think it encompasses several things: namely that in this position the cock hits at a totally unique angle inside, I get off knowing Cane is getting an eye-full of what he loves most (ass), Cane gets off staring at his beloved rear-view (which means he gets deliciously carried away and delivers slaps and pinches that show he's excited which in turn makes me MORE excited), I get to pay more attention to his balls while fucking him, and the orgasm that Cane has from this position is like the 9th wonder of the world. His orgasm is so intense and so VOCAL that it often ushers my orgasm into happening. I cannot stress how amazing it is to hear the man beneath your legs gasping, shuddering and moaning like that. I instantly feel like some sort of sex goddess--"Yeah. I did that."

And now that I'm aware and secure enough not to be shy about it, it's fun to try leaning and adjusting my torso to have different effects on the angle his cock hits me at. The noises he makes are good indicators of what feels the best. It's unbelievably strange and hot to feel him hitting my stomach. MY STOMACH. How the heck is it hitting there? (Insert Cane: "Tell them how big I am! Tell them that I almost perforate your stomach! My dick is dangerous!"----Ok, Cane ... they get it ... can I please tell this my way?) And you know what else makes it fun? The fact that the boy now has his hands free to touch me. He isn't leaning on anything or having to prop himself up. He can grope my breasts ... slap my ass ... grip my hips. These are things I really get off on.

Why is it so wonderful? Well ... technically it is said: "It serves to stimulate the most sensitive parts of the man's penis as a result of the way it is forced to bend while at the same time rubbing on the female G-spot and clitoris simultaneously." Oh, ok. That makes sense. I think Cane explained it like this "I LOVE THIS POSITION!" and mine is more like "Oh fuck yes!" But that one is far more articulate.

So, this is my ode to Reverse Cowgirl. I'm sorry I didn't give you the chance you deserved initially, but like the plain girl in high school that graduated and blossomed into a knockout ... you have my attention now.

All images copyright: 'The Secretive Slut", 2010


  1. me and edward always try it but for some reason we can't get it right :/ it somehow manages to hurt him going in.

  2. Reverse cowgirl is something that is quite tricky. It can be done on a straight penis but I found reverse cowgirl or being on top with a man that has a bent penis is dangerous! The angle makes me have to be acrobatic.

    I used to not like being on top. Now, it depends on who I'm f***ing the hell out of ;-)

    I like your blog.