Friday, January 22, 2010

Pic-Fridays VI

Every Friday, we present choice-cuts of photo-erotica, as discovered in the dark depths of the abyss that is the internet.

Jez says: My submission for today (you know I can never limit myself to just ONE!) revolve around a similar theme. I love tangled limbs. Being held in strong arms. Sometimes that is all it takes to turn me on ... suddenly being conscious of Cain's arm snaked around me in some way that makes me feel small and protected--even "owned."

I think it's very erotic to see lovers limbs all intertwined--because you know that the scenario is sweet and comforting, but yet there is the suggestion that those arms can quickly become forceful and demanding. The first two images have that gentle power to them. The man is encircling the woman with his arms. She's submitting to the embrace, and wrapping herself around him as well. You can see how relaxed the women's faces are ... how pleased they must be to find themselves in that position. The men are gentle but I like to think their embraces will slowly get more and more deliberate and intense. Their hands will roam and demand more.

I also think it's nice because it could either be before or after sex.

This last image is a little more dominant ... because the woman is blindfolded. A man is still embracing her, and she is submitting ... but it's clear he's in control and taking what he wants. Very erotic. As a woman both things are so attractive and desired ... to be embraced gently and with feeling ... and also manhandled and used.

Cane says: Jez’s last post got me having nothing but lesbians on the mind. Things could be worse. To echo the theme of her entry, this first pic seems like “the right way” to go about one’s pussy eatin’. I mean, the chick is just GOING for it, nose mashed in and all. I believe the title of the picture was “Vacuum”; pretty apparent why!

The second pic plays to the fantasy world where all lesbians are pearls and lace... siiiigh. Though maybe not a true representation of what the general lesbian populous is really like (Jez and her gorgeous former lover excluded)... I will continue to live in my myopic wondrous world of mythological lipstick, same-sex lovers...

...and they are doing just that. Lounging around in necklaces and black-lacey under-thingies, constantly campaigning to remove what little either has on, with their teeth. I especially love the placement of the submissive one’s hand... a gentle, but overt grip on the other’s inner thigh. I just want to know where the OTHER pictures from this shoot are!


  1. I love living in a world where all lesbians and pearls and lace. There's no other kind for me.

    Nice choice on the first lesbian pic. Very sensual.

  2. Being intertwined with someone you love is one of the best feelings ever.