Saturday, February 13, 2010

Her: V

My V for the eve of Valentine's.

All images copyright: The Secretive Slut, 2010


  1. That "V" must stand for "Victory" because you have me slain!

    "Voluptuous" and Vagina" work too!

  2. I keep clicking through to your blog with the intention of reading old posts... but I never get much further than the pictures! What's with all the distraction? A guy doesn't have a chance!

    You are artists, both as photographers and subjects. Very nice stuff.

    Jane and I took pictures during our little outing today, though the room's light and our camera were almost as bad as the eyes behind the lens. Not sure yet if they will ever make it onto Dick-n-Jane.

    Have a great V-Day you two!

  3. You boys are too nice!

    Get8More: great moniker and i'm flattered ;-)

    Dick: would love to see your newest pics posted. don't be so hard on yourself, I bet they are lovely!!