Friday, December 11, 2009

Communicating By Communicating Works!!

By Cane

This blog has been going strong for about 2 weeks now, and I just wanted to take a moment to relay how much of an effective communication tool it has been for our relationship, both at the sexual and emotional level. It has brought us emotionally closer, by giving us an opportunity disclose our most secret thoughts, where we might have been too embarrassed, insecure, or flat-out afraid of telling each other some of our most hidden sexual desires and fantasies.

It is incredibly freeing to finally have all my sexual perversions laid out in the open and for her to see everything that makes up my sexual identity.... and not only accept it, but encourage ALL of them and most importantly,
love me even more. By being that vulnerable, it brings us closer, deepening the level of trust. I have never, like 0%, been so open with anyone before and I can’t tell you how cathartic it is., we can’t help ourselves but fuck every day, so that’s super-awesome, too!

But I want to make it absolutely clear that Jez and I do not communicate “through“ this blog, so much as it cues up platform TO communicate about what we want to write and why; only after then, do we post anything. For any of you who want to tread a similar path, I can’t tell you how imperative it is to speak face to face with your partner. In this age of technology, it’s easy to protect yourself by removing the human element of communication (email/text/etc) in the initial broach of a subject matter; especially with things sexual in nature, because of the potential embarrassment and vulnerability you may feel.
I implore you not to take such a passive, removed route; it may be scary, but talking directly to your partner will free you more in the end.

On that last note, all credit goes to Jez for doing exactly that; she was the one to confront me, whereas I was always too afraid to disclose what
really makes me what I am as a sexual-being as well as what was really going through my mind 95% of the time we were having sex, but was never revealed to her. Jezebel created this blog and proposed the idea to me, which lead to a long session that went well into the night, where I finally felt safe enough to just release everything: my bisexual urges, my cuckold fantasies, just to get started... but more importantly, I was finally able to clearly communicate to her WHY I had been so withholding of my real desires; and she was able to assure me and put to rest all the insecurities I had, which just made me feel so very loved.

In closing, loyal readers (all 2 of you), this blog helps us give a reason to disclose both prior and emerging sexual desires, and have them air in the open where we can choose to discuss pursuing and acting out said fantasies, or simply be able to speak to each other not only about them, but
why we have them, thus continuing to deepen our understanding of one another. It’s an all-win scenario.....And again, the sex has been fucking fantastic!

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