Thursday, February 11, 2010

A cherished photo ...

With Valentine's Day right around the corner I thought I'd share with you a treasure of mine. It's not expensive. It's not as salacious as most might hope for ... and it's not even that unique in terms of what it is and how it's composed. But what makes it precious is that it is MINE and was made for ME and depicts something I adore.

Cane sent me a series of photos when we first started seeing each other a number of years back. This is the tamest one (I will never share the others--those are all mine). I love the image because it reminds me of how crazy I was about this man I was just getting to know. I love remembering how insane I felt because it was being sent to me across country during the holidays when we couldn't be together. I remember touching myself right after I received it. I remember thinking that I couldn't be any more attracted to a human being than I was to this man.

I was so wrong about that. He hasn't sent me a naughty cell phone photo in a long time. We live together and we know each other inside & out. His country has been completely discovered. I know the language. The mystery is gone in a conventional sense. And I love him more than ever. I love his heart, mind & soul even more than I love his body.

But ohhhhh how I love that body. My treasured cell phone picture is a good reminder of that.


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