Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vindicating the Male Nude

by Cane

Though I have been known to delve into bi-fantasies from time to time, and even have had a few manly encounters in my past (more in future chapters, kids), I have never found the male naked body to be particularly attractive. Sure, I can recognize (and even be envious) when a guy is super in-shape (see every Abercrombie ad, ever), but it doesn’t necessarily turn me on. How does that equate? Well, for starters, any/all of my bi-fantasies are not really about sex with dudes in so much as acting-out in the moment and being gender-blind in that moment, as well as the taboo of it all... but again, I digress.

I think it’s my general predisposition toward the
female aesthetic. Women are just so wonderfully mapped out with sexy curves and lines; smooth skin, even tone... it’s all rather lovely (see Jezebel for reference!). Men have hard edges, hair patches in odd places, and junk unceremoniously jutting out and hanging all over the place down there.

In the photography medium, most try to capture the nude male in some kind of
Adonis , Atlas or other archetypal Greek/Roman inspired-form that touts hyper-masculinity; examples one, two, three, four of what I mean. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the “classical male form” as it has been rendered over the centuries by masters.... more so, [today] for me it’s just all so contrived, cliche, repetitive, and “safe”. And I know that this kind of form isn’t supposed to be sexual, rather an artistic study of the human form (snore)... but I guess what I’m saying is, nary an image I have found of the nude male that doesn’t try to stay within this arty-realm, even if it is meant to provoke and arouse the minds of the sexes.

Add to that, an attractive male face is hard to come by; seriously, have you really looked at the majority of dudes? Many women can bypass a man’s face in lieu of the size of his wallet or bulge (face it girls, you’ve done at least one or both sometime in your life). But, that alternative-requisite doesn’t apply to me, so that leaves a barren wasteland filled with the absence of a truly attractive naked male.

Then, they went ahead and
invented the internet. And while I’ll still maintain 95% of naked males FAIL at stirring my loins, below are a few select professional pictures I’ve found that seem to walk outside the line of the conventional classic male nude, as well as get me thinking all kinds of dirtiness.