Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesday VII

This week’s selection: It’s Ass-Week 2010 at the Secretive Slut, so let’s watch a REALLY enthusiastic girl be pounded harder than Cane would in his first night at a federal prison (get it? because Cane is soooo pretty!).

CLICK HERE (but come back!)

Jez says: Though personally my own rear end isn't ready for such rough-housing ... you have to hand it to the girl in this one as she's totally game for a pounding on her back door. I think it's more her enthusiasm than anything that makes this one fun to watch. I loved the way she reached her arm up and back to wrap around his neck. She and he are obviously in unison about the pacing. It was a tiny bit disconcerting when voices come out of nowhere giving directives to her. I had no idea there would be audience participation. But our heroine quickly gives them what they want and crows as he goes as deep as he can. Wow.

Pleasure? Pain? The guy never ceases to ram her hard. I didn't think she could be any more excited until I saw her blow him at the end. If she was faking for the camera, I'd never know it. She is still moaning and begging all the way until he climaxes deep in her throat. Bravo.

Cane says:
I know I’ve been desensitized when I consider anal-porn vids pretty vanilla. Not that I didn’t appreciate the ardent devotion this chick had for hosting someone in her pooper... nary are girls in porn who I really believe are getting the fucking of a lifetime they seem to otherwise vocally impart. But not this chick: she LOVES the punishment her most private hole is getting... so cheers!

But I found sifting through literally dozens and dozens of anal-clips with Jez, I just found myself bored and uninterested; I mean at least give me a quality DAP (double-anal) that doesn’t star your typical
super-skank. Alas, for all the perverted, shame-filled thoughts I have about sex, I barely raise an eyebrow to straight-forward anal.

(and on a side-note: this chick’s back is RIPPED. Definitely a former gymnast or swimmer.)

However, as mentioned, this girl’s feverish ass-in-heat paired with a nice big cock (despite some serious gardening needed), is a pretty raw, down&dirty quickie.

still weird me out, though, man.

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