Monday, January 18, 2010

Prelude to a DVP

by Cane

Having been together for quite awhile now, I am surprised the obvious never occurred to me; for the millionth time mentioned on this blog (and in bed), a huge fantasy of mine is to have a dapper gentlemen join us in the bedroom. Among other deliciously defiling acts I wish to undertake unto Jez with an additional male (much in the vain of
The Story of O) one of the blue-ribbons is double-vaginal penetration a.k.a DVP.

What, no love for the
DP? Um, HELL YES... but specifically about the DVP, I want to have my cock pressed and jammed up against another guy’s as we’re both in her pussy at the same time. At each thrust, we are rubbing cocks directly as we are inside of her, the ideal pay-off being cumming simultaneously all over each others cocks inside, as well as coating Jez’s interior. Hot.

And while the
perfect guy eludes us for now, what’s a brother to do in the interim? Which is why I cannot believe I never thought to think about slipping a perfectly good dildo inside her pussy while I was fucking her. Fucking DUH, right?! Whilst definitely not the same, you absolutely do get the feeling of cock-dimensional third-party stretching her pussy and jamming up against you as you thrust and hump away. The dildo also put a lot of direct pressure on my shaft itself, and especially felt good in the speedy build-up, right before I unleashed pearly strings of cum deep into Jez (think of trying to squeeze a flowing garden hose).

It was not hard to picture the real thing happening as I pumped away in Jez, the dildo riding shotgun... and if the real-deal feels half as good as the practice run, then I think we found a new hobby!

Below are pictures of us and our autonomous silicone lover.

All images copyright: The Secretive Slut, 2010


  1. hmm, i should get edward to do that with me! i think that & DP is right up my alley ;)

  2. You two should know that you are influencing my wife... she now shares some of your fantasies. I'm not saying which, but take special note of which post I'm commenting on. ;o)