Friday, February 19, 2010

Pic-Fridays X

Jez Says: I have a weakness when it comes to panties left on during intimate moments. No idea why. Cane has zero interest in lingerie--rather, he likes a girl stark naked. But I still love pretty underwear ... and seeing these images of them with hands reaching into them or roughly tugging at them turns me on in such a fierce way. I go crazy in moments of passion when the urge to fuck is so intense that there is no time to even remove them. Ask Cane about how I react when he just rips them to the side and has his way with me while they remain on my body. It's a bizarre little turn-on of mine that even I don't fully understand. These pictures summon up that feeling for me in both a sweet (picture one) and aggressive (picture two) way.

Cane Says: Decided to change things up from the usual hetro and/or lesbian-friendly to some dude-on-dude action. Again, I'm going to save my general rant about the hypocrisy of the non-vanilla community shunning bi/gay dudes for proper entry. So for now, I submit this scorching hot portrait of bondage and masculinity. The stark black and white, the motion-blur, the obscure faces contribute to the power this picture emits; the thick, throbbing cock of the bound, seized and teased by his captor stirs inside of my a submissive side rarely seen (Jez/strap-on action withstanding).


  1. Gorgeous manly men getting it on is always so HAWT!

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  3. Hey, never say no unless you have tried it!