Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesday VIII

This week's selection: A pair of couples get down to coupling.

Click HERE (but come back!)

Jez says: Today is going to be a half-ass Web-Vid Wednesday, as I am sick as a... (you know, how "sick" do "dogs" get, anyway?) Anyhow, today's clip really isn't all that original and the people in it are pedestrian porn-actors at best, BUT they do seem into it, as I'm finding most of the "actors" are from Vivthomas. I will also say, the editing in this video is quite good, keeping the momentum moving at an unusually fast pace for a porn... which I think I like.

But what I like most about this is that it's very topical to something Cane and I have been discussing recently and wanting to get into: MGS-- that is, "monogamous group sex". We really want to find another couple or small group of couples and all get down &dirty in the same room.... and this video only spurs that urge more!

Cane says: (over the phone with Jez taking dictation) Hello readers... I'm currently driving around at 9:30 at night, trying to find somewhere that is still serving fresh chicken-noodle soup, as my sick-as-Hell lady-lover pretty much looks and sounds like Linda Blaire from The Exorcist... HEY! THAT'S NOT FUCKING NICE, DICK!.... sorry, honey... i mean she looks like a young Nicole Kidman, framed beautifully against the backdrop of an open countryside from that movie, "Far and Away". ...YOU THINK I LOOK LIKE THAT FROZEN-FACED CREEPY MANNEQUIN?!... no dear, whatever you want to look like, you're beautiful. Anyway, I'm not able to review this week's video, but Jez described it to me over the phone, and yes, it only serves to get me thinking more about hosting a monogamous orgy. Jez craves nothing more than to fuck in front of an audience. My question is, who will be in that audience?


  1. i need to watch this but i'm just commenting because i think cane is a doll for getting you some soup :)

    i think i know which state you live in, and if i was all for fucking in front of another couple with edward, we'd definitely do it in front of you guys ! ;)

  2. k i watched it and i feel that the one chick does not know how to suck dick haha

  3. Have never heard to term MGS. I'm assuming that you never leave your partner and just put on a show. I like that. Not sure where you live but we could be up for something like that.

  4. Isn't it a great concept, Sexy Runners? You get all the perks of exhibitionism ... but no pressure to be with other partners. We've heard the term ... but are just starting to explore where these events actually take place. New territory :)