Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Web-Vid Wednesday VIIII

This week’s selection: A man’s hot-wife is Hot-Wife’d out to a stud who pleasures her for her hubby’s viewing pleasure.

CLICK HERE (but come back!)

Jez Says:
I chose the video this week ... mostly because Cane and I had a conversation prior about his hotwife/cuckold blend of fantasies. This led to me looking up videos of such scenarios out of curiosity. I love Cane. I love turning him on. Since this turns him on, I want to understand it more. Simple enough, right?

I chose this one because the husband is actually there--and I liked the fact that they cut to an interview with the couple a few times. It made the idea that this was a first time experience for the two feel more believable. You could hear the husband moaning and responding to what is being done to his wife as well. And she kept talking to him and asking him how he liked what was going on. This particular clip was the best example of what Cane has described to me--the turn on of watching your wife/girlfriend get pleasured by someone else, while she tells you how amazing it feels and encourages you to stroke yourself, etc. The way the husband reacts ... well, I just wish there was video of the pounding he gave her later.

I also chose it for a personally amusing reason. Cane told me last week that he knows I love it from behind, but our bed tends to make it difficult to really pound hard. He laughingly suggested that he wear his gym shoes pound me on the couch, using the shoes to get better traction on the floor. We both giggled hard at the idea of him naked in his running shoes. The stud in this video is TOTALLY wearing running shoes (while naked) as he pounds the wife from behind. I absolutely started giggling when I noticed it.

Cane Says: Really delving into this fantasy is probably better suited for a separate article, but the long-short of it is, yes-- I truly desire to see Jez get fucked by another man.... and this video is an absolutely perfect example of what I’m talking about. Well, not so much the totally gross juiced-up, overly-geled, orange-skinned douche with a soul-patch; nor the florescent-lit room with the cheap leather couch. But talent and backdrop nonwithstanding, watching Jez be pleasured from the point of view of an observer, topped with the should-be reverent fact that I’M supposed to be the only one doing such carnal things with/to her... well, just the thought of that will get me hard no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or what time it is.

I know it sounds a little twisted, but I’m so touched that Jez is making the effort to research and to try to understand the appeal cuckolding and hot-wife’ing holds to some people, myself included. It’s something that she didn’t really understand and was very unsure of from a moral standpoint... but after having a LONG conversation where I broke down each fetish to their (for lack of a better word) “psychological” roots, she began to understand what I find so very hot about it and why I long to see a big dick plunge into her, while I sit back and watch.

As far as the video goes... yeah,’s not very good. But it’s
the scenario... putting myself in the place of the husband, Jez in the place of dye-job McGross-Boobs, and some amazingly gorgeous man in the place of the Jersey Shore reject, that I truly get off on this vid. However, like Jez mentioned, I do like the fact that they interview the couple; it makes you connect to the scenario so much more than if it was just set-up with a line or two, then went straight to fucking. Who thought a porn would ever have character integrity?!


  1. I have had an interest in cuckolding for a few years now. I wo9uld consider my wife a "hotwife" in that she has a lover on the side. I would consider us swingers fore the most part but Cane is right, there is nothing hotter than watching your wife get pounded.

  2. Thanks for weighing in on that--it's nice to hear from other men who have similar interests to Cane. The church-bred girl in me has struggled with the idea ... only because it is so ingrained in me that my sleeping with someone else should be hurtful and wrong. On one hand I know Cane is sincere when he says it turns him on ... and yet on the other I am terrified of the consequences. Research helps!

  3. well we had our first experiences a few years ago (before kids) and only recently tried it again.

    Her current fuck buddy is an old high school friend of hers. I have not watched them together yet but I love how hot and horny she is when she gets home from being with him.

    Not something to jump into without a long discussion outside of the bedroom when you're not in the "heat of the moment"

    Good luck and thanks for the great blog

  4. It's nice hearing other perspectives--I appreciate it :)