Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Web-Vid Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we review a choice erotic clip/video from the wondrous world-wide-web. There is no content-prejudices; vids range from straight, gay/lesbian, group, to just plain weird and ridiculous.

This week's selection: A haute and hot amateur 'nurse' gets thoroughly examined by two generous and generous cocks.

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Jezebel says: got to knock a point or two off for starting a sex romp with natalie imbruglia's poppy "torn" playing loudly as a backdrop. not sexy.

but there is something sooooo erotic to me about a woman partially dressed ... not fully revealed. it's really fucking hot. major points for her cute little half-way unbuttoned shirt dress. you know what was really hot? the fact that her underwear stays on ... and gets pulled to the side. i have no idea why this always appeals to me ... but its so erotic. that is, without beyonce belting in the background. have you people heard of anything not top 40 radio?

i was yawning a bit as she half-heartedly blew the two cocks ... i would have been a bit more aggressive. might have been the soundtrack (which randomly disappears halfway through ... which is disappointing. i love to hear the gasps and moans). watching her get impaled by two cocks was hot at first ... but the fact that the sound went out lessened the effect ... its far more powerful to hear her gasp with pain/pleasure at the sensation of being totally full. instead we hear nothing ... i mean ... even natalie imbruglia would have been better. and truth be told, i'm a snob. could we go with an artier cropping of the scene? closer up on the genitals? seeing the dude on top looking like an awkward leap-frog player was funny--not sexy.

verdict: mediocre execution, but still enough to turn me on. love the double penetration. love the panties.

He says: I whole-heartedly agree with Jez on the music selection. Either this video was made circa 1998, or these people have incredibly dated music-tastes. Either way, it's hilariously off-setting to the uber-hot action going down.

This video gets me growing in a very private place due to the fact that it's a very real video with real people doing a real MFM, as opposed to contrived professional porn, where people just get paid to show-up, fuck, then leave. This means that this woman had genuine, non-monetary intentions; a desire to realize her fantasy of having two men at once....and THAT, dear readers, is insanely hot. I think MFM's are something more women would admit to wanting, would this insanely conservative nation not cast such damning judgement upon her....

...Sure it's OK for a man to want two women at once; that's the ultimate male-fantasy, right? But a woman to want two men? Well, she'd be a total slut!..... hmmm, I smell another post brewing, but I'll save my rant on the hypocrisy of threesomes for another day.

I only give this reverence, because a genuine MFM is rare find, often eclipsed in the world of amateur porn by the ever popular FMF. ....Either that or most of your amateur MFM videos feature people closer to my parents' age.

The video owner/poster has many other MFM vids and is one of the only "well" sources for that combination on I suggest you check them all out... she seems to have an insatiable appetite for dueling cocks (big ones at that!). My only question is, will she ever want even more?

verdict: I give it two, very enthusiastic "Cocks-Up". Get it? It's a play on Siskel and Ebert's trademark review rating ranking, but also because there's two big cocks in the video.... funny right? right? RIGHT?!

PS: and yes, DP gets me every time. You little slut ;-)
**And bonus boner-points for the top guy in the DP cumming and it dripping all over the bottom guy's balls (see the very very end).

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