Monday, February 8, 2010

Q/A Part 1

Where do you live?
Milky-Way galaxy. Right next to Andromeda.

How old are you two?
Old enough to legally post naked pictures of ourselves; young enough to still be vain about our body image. Oh so vain.

What are you alter-egos?
We both have big corporate jobs. That said, we'd get so fired if they found out our bits and pieces have been posted on the internet. So, while you won't see either of our faces anytime soon, I’m sure you're coming to our blog to see “other parts”. But we’re preeeeeeetty.

Are you really a whore?
I do this shit for free.

Are you swingers?
While we whole-heartedly embrace our swinger brethren (they have some of the best blogs), we are not currently active in “The Lifestyle”, as it is generally defined. However, we would LOVE to get into MGS (monogamous group sex) with one or many couples. Also, Jezebel has a fierce exhibition streak, and is on an ever-quest for the right venue for us (she's such a snob).

As for Cane's fantasies becoming reality, as well as other carnal things that dwell in the shadows of our bedroom... loyal readers, keep reading.

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