Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Web-Vid Wednesdays II

Today's Selection: Two annoyingly young and beautiful people remind us that all professional porn doesn't have to be disgusting.

Click here!! (but come back!!)

Cane Says:
To me, this is all about sensuality and youth. Though an obvious professional production, I give major accolades to the fact that the girl is not some made-up, bleach-blonde, fake titty'd skank, nor is the guy a disgusting, booze-swollen, 40-year old Rogaine-veteran perv with 'bacne. The sex between the very young couple seems nervous and insecure, which harkens a more innocent time in our lives; something I don't necessarily miss, but it's just nice to see that all porn is not spitting on cocks and unflattering close-ups of a girl's duck-face, while faking orgasm noises.

I love how the young man handles her so delicately; note the 6:20 mark, as he lightly bites and sucks at her nipples. In the majority of main-stream porn, the dude would be clawing and man-handling the woman's breasts, while inhaling loudly through his nose... and not in a good way.

The first highlight for me, is the wonderful surprise the kid is packing (7:10); how the girl slowly removes his underwear to reveal a mammoth cock; I just kept thinking, "You lucky lucky bitch". I love how she touches it, I love how she sucks it, but most of all, I love how he watches her.
I would love to see Jez fucked by a cock like that!

verdict: Everything is "right" about this video: every position, every thrust, every way they touch and look at each other. I think the LACK of noise, and in its place, their heavy, rhythmic breathing, shows that they are both getting real pleasure from each other. I truly believe, that unlike in most pro-porn, these two are genuinely enjoying the sex they are having, which makes it 1000x's hotter to watch. But seriously, I fucking hate them for being young and perfect. Assholes.
And PS: whatever they're fucking on at the end looks REALLY comfortable.

Jezebel Says: it's so nice to see young attractive people ... instead of the typical hairy dude with a beer gut banging some peroxide blonde with fake tits. i think that girl has the most perfect pair of breasts in the world. damn her. they both seemed so young and innocent ... and quiet. was anyone else waiting to hear a loud gasp or grunt from the boy? silence always weirds me out a little bit--then again i didn't mind it much here.

i enjoyed watching a very sweet, soft and gentle coupling. they made sure we got to see them at virtually every angle (which only served to remind me how skinny, unblemished and youthful they were ... curse them) and it was nice. i even loved the slow torture of how long it took to finally remove all of their clothing. i always love a long drawn out make out session when you know what is ultimately coming. total self torture--and it's awesome. i will admit i got very turned on ... and was frustrated that my boyfriend sent me this as he was leaving for the day. what the hell am i supposed to do now?

verdict: all turned on with no place to go (or anyone to do me). it was pretty and romantic porn. love it.

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