Friday, December 11, 2009

Pic-Fridays II

Cane: I’m not normally into S&M, but fuck if this picture isn’t amazing; I can’t think of any way this girl could be more vulnerable. In the rest of the photo-series, a group of men line up and all have a go at her... and there’s absolutely nothing she can do about it, not even vocally protest. Not only can’t I help picturing Jez in this twisted stockade, but I also play with thoughts of submitting myself to it and an army of strap-on’s.

Jezebel: for this week's submission i once again have two. they tell two parts of the same story ... the first reminds me of whenever i catch cane laying face down in bed. he has the most perfect ass and i always get the urge to ravage it. the second ... i find erotic because it's obvious what has been going on ... but there is something so strangely hot about how casual they are ... even though she's either about to, or just finished, fucking him hard. i find myself wondering if she did a good job ... because if she did, then he would have fucked her silly afterwards. i hope she made him suck that cock ... maybe choked him on it and pulled his hair. it's always good to remind the boys how it's done.

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