Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Web-Vid Wednesdays III

This week’s selection: Your stock-lesbian scenario takes a pleasant departure from the contrived, to the sensual.

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Jez Says: what i like about this clip is that (yet again) Cane has managed to unearth a nice rarity ... instead of two bleach blonde, fake tan, fake tits and overly made up chicks overacting their way through a session for the camera ... we have two attractive women who really seem to be into each other. the way they make out ... and can't help but writhe all over one another tells us that they are really turned on.

for some reason i get disappointed when porn cuts from underwear to no underwear. its not a big deal ... but i kind of enjoy seeing how it comes to pass that someone finally decides to demand they come off. it's always odd to suddenly go from clothes to no clothes in my mind.

i think the blonde could have teased the brunette a little more before diving in the muff ... that is half the fun. but i was quite impressed at the angle on this ... her pink tongue was really getting in there. it was also nice to see the blonde was truly carried away once it was her turn. she wasn't playing for the camera. she was hiding her face with one hand ... in the true fashion of a girl on the verge of a ridiculous orgasm. that brunette really worked her over. and all without using any dildos or toys. bravo. there is reality for you ... two velvety soft girls, two sets of hands and tongues.

Cane Says: While I am not disillusioned enough to believe in a world where lesbians actually look and act like this (more like this)... I humbly beseech you: don’t wake me up. Young, soft, feminine, beautiful, with hints of the exotic... this seems like porn of a different stock, possibly imported from a country where allure, playfulness, and sensuality are held above some American male director’s vision of a raw, unflattering fantasy-sceneario with chicks trying too hard to seduce the camera, rather than each other.

The long kissing, touching, rubbing; the delicate way the brunette actually
works the blonde’s pussy instead of half-ass flicking and licking it as if it tasted like old pennies, which I’ve seen in countless other lesbian-porn. Once again, just as in last week’s clip, I believe these lovely ladies are truly into each other, enjoying every moment and every inch of their bodies, and the camera just happened to be rolling. Check out the very end, even after the blonde has cum, they continue to cuddle and kiss softly, enjoying the after-glow of the orgasam. When do you ever see that?!? This is genuine-- and even if it really isn’t, it’s portrayed as such, which is a wonderful choice by the director and production company.

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