Friday, December 18, 2009

Pic-Fridays III

This pic tells a whole story. Very noir-inspired-- the black&white, the bar-shadows spilling over them, the lingering smoke... Film-noir themes usually include some kind of torrid, heated affair, where both people have hidden agendas. For me this image is exactly that; the starkness of the room, perhaps a hotel or motel; her body turned away from him, the detachment in her eyes, insinuating guilt or shame; even her stockings are still on, suggesting she didn’t have enough time to get fully undressed... or wanted to be able to re-dress quickly.

While I don’t condone affairs, I am
ALL about “sultry”. Maybe Jez and I need to try some noir-inspired role-playing! Or maybe I just want an excuse to wear a fedora, trenchcoat, and try my best Boggie accent :-)

Jezebel: for this week's photos i have selected two images. one is a tease ... i just like it because it is a portrait of one of cane's fantasies. i imagine the woman is fucking a stranger ... while her boyfriend/husband/lover is forced to sit and watch ... close in proximity ... but unable to participate. and the stranger she's fucking looks like he's in ecstasy. it's hot. i wonder if she made her lover lick the cum out of her afterwards.

The second photo is hot for a few reasons. one, its just a great angle on both parties; two, you almost get the sense the photographer is a third player in the scenario. very illicit.

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