Friday, December 4, 2009


Every Friday we each submit a juicy photo that gets us thinking all kinds of bad thoughts.

He Says: With my general proclivity towards MFM's, I had to keep in theme with this week's Web-Vid Wednesday and submit this rousing exemplification of sheer virility. The small girl, wedged and suspended between two amazingly toned, red-blooded men as they take her in either end. I like how the one takes ahold of his wonderfully endowed endowment, feeding it downward as if forcing his seed into her gullet. I also like how the light shows the peach-fuzz on her breasts. It was a hard choice between this photo and this one and also this one... but I have to award higher-markings to the winner for the display of strength, stability, and coordination. I'm mean, that's just fucking impressive. Bravo gents!........ You lucky bitch.

Jezebel Says: for my submission this week i choose something a little less graphic ... but something i find very erotic. i like photos that suggest a physical feeling. i'll dedicate this one to my boyfriend, as he enjoys hearing about my lesbian experience and i was just telling him about how it feels to have a woman between your legs ... with her breasts resting on your stomach. i also like the way the one girl is glancing at the camera as if she's doing it for someone else's viewing pleasure. i'm breaking the rules because these two are a tie and i decided to use them both. i love the angle of the hips in the first one. the way you just imagine it feels to be crushed against her soft stomach. it all looks so velvety and warm. the other ... because it's more titillating. it reminds me of the first time a woman slipped her hands into my own panties against my will--and the shock it caused when i realized how wet i was. so forbidden and so tempting.

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