Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have read Jezabell's post telling how her faith as an adolescent effected her in her youth, and probably still into adulthood. I was wondering how does Cane feel about your faith, and what have been his experiences? Do either of you experience any gu

Cane was raised by parents who let him choose for himself. He's one of the most amazingly unbiased, open and nonjudgemental people I've ever met. I adore him for it. I'm still a believer ... I just don't subscribe to the conditional and human-mangled rhetoric spewed by many so-called Christians. And I don't think sex is something you have to be ashamed of ... though I think at times Cane is the one who has struggled more to see me as willingly dirtied. Before this blog, he had me on a Mother Teresa pedestal. He's since made sure I was defiled beyond worthiness of such heights.

What do you want to know?

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