Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jez, when you cuckold or MMF with Cane, do you plan on asking a friend or finding a stranger?

Christ, never a friend. Evveeer. First of all, even IF any of them were remotely attractive, the weirdness factor post-romp would be too much to handle. Secondly, see first half of previous sentence. Which leaves the question, where would we even start??

What do you want to know?


  1. And yet some people swear to do it with a friend. But not too close of a friend. I've got the same thought. Where the hell do you even start? Or are we overthinking the process?


  2. My wife has been cuckolding me for 7 years. It was my idea to allow her to fuck other guys. She mostly goes out with guys from work or she meets through friends. However she does sleep with some of my friends to push the boundaries. Her thinking was if I want her to fuck other guys that badly then I shouldn't mind my friends knowing she does it.