Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Web-Vid Wednesday

Already off to a great start by posting late...but hey...

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! (but come back!)

Jez says: When Cane sent me a link to this video, he told me the "prologue" was worth the price of admission alone. He was right. Watch the first minute. Just listening to this chick compare her first DP to “flying” made my day. I think she was serious. And as ridiculous as her attempt at a poetic metaphor might be, I was so wet by the time the video ended that all I could do was pounce Cane immediately. Sorry, Cane ... I don't think you minded.

There is definitely something awesome about seeing someone NOT filter their responses to a sex act. I think most anyone is tempted to do it when on camera ... refrain from a genuine O-face (because we look like we're having a seizure) or try to make sure we are only sounding and looking sexy, etc. It's normal to be a little self aware, I guess ... but its really hot to watch this girl let it all go. Her face conveys every internal reaction to each touch, push, thrust, caress and motion. I was worried she was having a stroke at one point. But the beauty of that is how you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that it feels amazing. And by the time its over, you kind of want to know what it feels like to "fly" like that too. (Yeah ... I tried to use the metaphor as a joke ... but it still sounds unbelievably hilarious to compare a DP to flying)

Bonus points for the fact that they left her panties on (always turns me on) and the way the one guy pulled her hair. This scenario is one of Cane's favorite fantasies ... and if this is his strategy for making it a reality, then he's done well.

Cane says: First off, where can I get that chair-- the one they use in the beginning when split-roasting her (such a crass term, yet so apt)... that chair seems like it was made exactly for what it’s being used for in this scenario. Genius. Secondly, like Jez said... the prologue is f-ing amazing, comparing the child wonder of symbolically flying, to getting her first DP: “... watch me fly!” But you know what... she’s genuine. She’s truly excited about it... and by her expressions, truly overwhelmed when it finally happens. “ I never knew...I never knew... I never knew...” she utters, referring, of course, to the feeling of two cocks in her at once, completely exhausted after her 3rd orgasm, while the guys continue to pound away.

There is something so deliciously dirty about
DP that captures my sexual imagination... something I could never experience, yet sympathetically wish it upon and am excited about it for women... Jez namely. To me it’s the ultimate sex act, perhaps only trumped by the “Airtight”, which is a DP, plus a 3rd cock in the woman’s mouth. But then you’re getting into heavy group/gang-bang stuff, which is fine, but next level shit-- funny I call that “next level”, but keep DP in perspective like it’s “above average”, but still within a certain realm of reasonability. HA! My Catholic parents would turn over in their graves. If they were dead. Or still Catholic.