Monday, November 30, 2009

An Innocent IM session, PART 1

Transcribed below is the completely professional IM/Chat session we had while at our offices. If the I.T. guy at either office was somehow able to "eavesdrop" on this, he'd have plenty of "lonely-night" reading material that should last him the month.

He's in red, she's in italics.

-GOD! i want you SO BAD right now!
-i want you in my mouth right now.
-i want to stick my tongue in your ass while fingering you from behind, while jacking off with my free hand.
-mmmm ... well ... i want to figure out a way to use the dildo on you while sucking you off with my mouth.
-oh, i think you can figure that out quite easily!
Why do you like using the strap-on so much? do you like the power?
-i like owning you. and i love to hear the sounds you make. and it turns me on knowing it is feeling so good and driving you so crazy.
-yes. yes you definitely do with that! it feels SO good. gay guys totally have the right idea.
-lets talk about the dark fantasy you have ... with the other guy invovled. what thrills you about it? i want to hear what turns you on about watching some other man fuck me.
-oh god. you really know how to get me going. i LOVE that fantasy. it's being a outside viewer. seeing how you look like fucking from a 3rd party prespective.
-seeing how a different guy pleases you. what he does different. don't misunderstand... i want you enjoy it! i want you to be into him purely to derive sexual pleasure. i want to see you USE him. then easily turn an unemotional eye away.
-i'd love the fact that you were watching. that you knew i was totally yours. it would turn me on to know you were touching yourself while you watched. i'd be staring at you almost hte entire time, too. and when it was over, i'd walk over to you with his cum dripping out of me and beg you to take me and replace it with yours.
-but sometimes, i'd want you to act like i wasn't there. i want to be invisible. HOT.
-if it is a turn on for you ...
-god, would it ever be a turn on. after he cums in you, i'd want to put my dick in you and feel his cum inside. then i'd cum in you to, and then suck both our cum out of you and swallow it.
-oh my god you are making me insane over here.
-then of course, i'd want you to have both of us at the same time in every possible way. i want to fill you with so much sexual pleasure and stimulation, you scream.
-that wont be hard
-i want you to experience things and pleasures you never thought you could ever have or would ever do.
-and i want to give you the chance to experience the pleasures and desires you thought you never could have.

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