Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toy Review: "Lil Pearl Pleasure Sleeve"

Cane and I are always up for trying new things... so, when offered to send us a "toy" of our choosing to review, we said, "Why not?!"

We chose something on the cheaper end of the spectrum. It's always nice to discover sex toys and accessories that don't cost a fortune (sure, glass dildos and Liberation ramps are lovely ... but most of us don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on these things). Enter our choice ... the "Lil' Pearl Pleasure Sleeve."

Seemed simple enough. Cane puts it on his cock, and then it's business as usual ... except that the packaging promised that the "pleasure bumps" would stimulate me beyond the "usual." It is also made of 100% silicone, which means it contains no toxins, nor is it porous (materials that are can house bacteria despite cleaning).

Cane already leaves my pussy dripping and pleased, so surely this would take it to the next level? And it seemed like the tightness of the device would even act as a sort of cock ring for him--after all, it had a bit of a vice-like grip on his appendage. He admitted it was uncomfortable a bit at first, but "in a good way..."; it was VERY tight on him!

Now to the entry. I braced myself, curious to see if the pleasure bumps really made a difference in addition to a little more girth than I am currently used to. Beyond feeling a couple of the nubs pressing against the point of entry at every re-entrance, there weren't really any fireworks. One of the bumps continuously grated against my opening, and it felt good in that odd sort of friction one feels against rubber when one is only used to skin on skin. (yes, we did use an ample amount of lube).

We went all the way to climax still using it, but both of us agreed that it wasn't what we expected, but that really isn't bad...and even though it was given to us complimentary, the price is still spot-on! I'm actually curious about some of their other penis sleeves... but a girl's got to admit, nothin' can beat a plain 'ol cock!

Thanks to for letting us try it out! I think I have some shopping to do!